It’s a pleasure working with the okwrite team on new content creation for our B2B website.

Our SERP positions and coverage, as well as reader engagement, have increased since we started working with okwrite. We’ve covered a lot of topics that provided a lot of educational resources for our audience that also rank well

-Yuri Martsinovsky, Softactivity

About SoftActivity

Problems at the office? Employees shopping on Amazon or wasting time on Facebook? Companies waste thousands of dollars every year paying employees who are not actually working.

On top of that, insider threats can cost a company millions. Monitor your employees’ computers remotely and on corporate and private networks in real-time without them knowing.

SoftActivity can provide secret monitoring software that tracks productivity and deploys user behavior analytics (UBAs) to stop insider threats on: workstations, laptops, desktop, computers in a private network, and VM or VDI environment.

The Problem

Managing multiple freelancers and freelance schedules became too time-consuming.

The content was not delivered with consistent quality or on a regular basis. SoftActivity needed a dedicated content team that could manage content strategy, provide consistent content delivery, and provide quality content creation.

Marketing Goals

Developing new inbound channels and authority was/is important to SoftActivity. As well as a more ‘hands-off’ approach

  • Increase indexed organic keywords and organic traffic
  • Provide educational value to readers
  • Reach new markets and prove authority
  • Help with content production and management
  • Support PPC ad campaigns

SoftActivity’s Solution

okwrite proposed and executed a fully managed content marketing solution that included our AI-powered content marketing managed services (CMMS):

  • AI-driven content planning
  • SEM and SEO content optimization
  • Weekly delivered content
  • Monthly content planning
  • Dedicated content editors, expert writers, and content strategists