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Content Marketing Managed Services

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Content marketing can generate three times as many leads as traditional advertising

On average, okwrite saves brands over 70% on total content marketing costs

Pay a fraction for your own content team

The average okwrite content team consists of:

  • 2 writers (avg US Salary $54,895/yr)

  • 1 content editor (avg US Salary $48,821/yr)

  • 1 content strategist (avg US Salary $74,455/yr)

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Content Marketing Managed Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is authoritative content?2023-11-07T11:05:53-05:00

Authoritative content is unique content that informs the reader, demonstrates subject expertise, and provides the right level of depth for the target audience.

What is authoritative can be relevant depending on a number of factors. In particular, the ever-changing search algorithms also impact this definition.

If you’re aiming for authoritative content as a business doing content marketing (as you should), then it’s important to know your audience, firmly establish your content goals, and provide highly-researched, well-written content. According to Google, expertiseauthoritativeness, and trust are three essential factors in how their algorithm ranks content. Therefore, when writing content with authority, you should consider these three factors to be extremely important.

Example of authoritative content go beyond blogs. They also include tutorials, instructables, buyer guides, videos, and more. Learn more at our blog.

What is a thought leadership strategy?2023-06-27T10:53:53-04:00

Thought leadership refers to a position of authority and expertise in a particular industry, field, or subject matter. Once an individual or organization has obtained a position of thought leadership, then they are recognized as knowledgable, innovative, and influential within their industry. They typically produce information, insights, and guidance that is trusted and highly regarded. 

Thought leaders typically push the envelope in good ways when it comes to their industry trends and best practices. They possess strong expertise and knowledge in their field, originality, credibility, trustworthiness, and a strong network. In order to build a thought leader strategy, businesses or individuals need to develop their original goal, set KPIs, develop the content plan and content, and distribute that strategy out into the world.

A thought leadership strategy may include:

  • A comprehensive digital marketing and content marketing strategy
  • Topics of interest within the field
  • Strong research background
  • Public relations and media appointments
  • Speaking engagements and strong networking events

Content marketing can be used to boost a thought leadership strategy by showcasing a backlog of knowledge and insights on a business blog. We talk about the benefits of thought leadership on our blog.

What is brand awareness strategy?2023-06-27T10:48:31-04:00

Brand awareness strategy refers to the set of planned actions and tactics implemented to increase the recognition of its brand among its target audience or beyond that. The goal of brand awareness strategies is to enhance the visibility, recall, and perception of the brand in the minds of consumers.

  • Characteristics of brand awareness include:
  • Developing consistent brand identity
  • Developing marketing campaigns geared toward this goal across multiple marketing channels
  • A strong presence on videos, social media, and at speaking engagements
  • Marketing tactics that leverage the brand awareness messaging
  • Strong public relations or media coverage
  • Selective brand partnerships or collaboration

A well-thought-out brand awareness strategy also focuses on engaging with its customers or audiences to ensure that its hitting the mark. It also sets up reporting and analytics to analyze the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the campaign. We talk in depth about how to build brand awareness through content marketing.

Do you really provide a content marketing managed service?2023-06-27T10:25:15-04:00

Yep. We’re proud of our managed service product, which allows businesses small and large to offload the stress that could come with managing a full content marketing campaign. While our packages vary, they mostly include:

  • A dedicated content team
  • A dedicated strategy editor
  • SEO keyword research
  • SEO-backed topic creation
  • Content planning and strategy
  • Full content creation by experienced writers
  • Multiple editorial iterations
  • Analytics
  • Value add-ons, such as distribution and reporting

​​Say goodbye to word count, topic gen, keyword research, and headaches with our Content Marketing Managed Service (CMMS).

okwrite CMMS is a hands-off approach to content marketing. It’s designed for brands who know they need content, but don’t fully understand the how’s and why’s or don’t have the time.

Our  okwrite Strategy Managers provides clients with years of experience conduct extensive interviews, market research, and planning to help you identify:

  • Content market gaps
  • Best long-tail keywords
  • Quarterly topic generation and approval
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Audience and tone
  • Content marketing business objectives

With the information we acquire through onboarding, we are able to identify which topics the client should be writing for and why they should be writing those topics.

Take advantage of our industry experience and expertise to supercharge your online marketing.

Is SEO included in okwrite’s Content Marketing Managed Services?2023-06-27T12:01:24-04:00

Yes, basic SEO content development is involved in our managed services product. This ensures that your content stands a chance in the highly competitive market.