okwrite works with partners around the world. Some white-label, some not. This particular white-label partner was happy to share their experiences with okwrite. But, for obvious reasons, declined to share their brand name

About okwrite Partner

okwrite’s agency partner is a very successful lead gen and PPC agency in a complex B2C niche in North America.

Managing several hundred clients across multiple geographic areas, the partner attributes a lot of their success to ‘packaging’ products and services, both in-house and via vendor relationships, specifically geared towards the success of their client needs.

The Problem

For years, the partner was successfully driving leads for their clients using content-backed PPC campaigns as well as encouraging organic traffic with blog posts.

However, the headaches and overhead of running and managing a full in-house content marketing team were overbearing.

The partner needed to offload content and content strategy to a white-label partner (okwrite) who was competent and efficient enough to manage as many touchpoints as possible.

Partner Goals

The partner agency wanted to provide high quality content to all their clients, but they needed a streamlined solution in order to properly execute their other supporting marketing campaigns.

okwrite’s Solution

The partner agency needed a systematic approach that ensured all clients consistently received the same attention and high-level, quality content.

The partner agency also wanted to focus all in-house energy towards managing and increasing ROAS on their PPC campaigns.

  • White-label client onboarding and communication
  • Very high-level content to back ongoing PPC campaigns
  • Competent project management
  • ‘Hands-off’ content planning (CMMS) and content approval
  • Seamless integration with in-house team

The okwrite agency partner has successfully achieved their goals and now has a very high level of trust for okwrite.

okwrite is expecting to transition and manage their entire client portfolio by mid-2021.