About Okwrite

okwrite’s mission is to provide very high-level content marketing services for SMBs and enterprise brands globally.

Our content creation process begins with a deep understanding of our clients’ ultimate business goals, audience, and market and evolves as their needs change.

The Problem

As a content creation and strategy company, most of our time was devoted to helping clients grow their brands’ unique content marketing and inbound marketing strategies.

This resulted in a minimal amount of content on our own blog and therefore a lack of organic web traffic coming to our page.

The cobbler’s children had no shoes.

Marketing Goals

Being a relatively new marketing agency in 2017, we had focused almost all of our initial effort on outbound and referral marketing, which yielded significant results and growth.

However, knowing firsthand the effectiveness of inbound marketing, we were ready to put our money where our mouth was.

At this time, okwrite was in the early stages of an inbound marketing engagement strategy.

Our short and long-term goals included:

  • Establishing topical authority for inbound content marketing
  • Reaching more organic audiences
  • Increasing indexed organic keywords and organic traffic to generate leads
  • Positioning ourselves as thought leaders in the content marketing industry
  • Providing educational value to readers
  • Reaching a new market and prove authority
  • Supporting sales teams with relevant content

okwrite’ s Solution

We devoted a select group of internal resources to developing and executing this marketing strategy.

Also, looking ahead, we wanted to develop a process around leveraging AI content planning technology to future proof and develop talent for our predicted client base’s needs. After evaluating countless platforms, we began our partnership with MarketMuse: AI Content Planning and Optimization Software.

The okwrite content strategy team used the MarketMuse dashboard to identify gaps in our site structure and develop the following inbound strategy:

  • Created a content marketing strategy that addressed goals and perceived audience pain points
  • Re-optimized existing page content and blog posts around long-tail and relevant key terms
  • Created a strict blogging schedule that focused on clustered topics (hub and spoke) and Marketmuse’s topical relevance suggestions

Ongoing Results

Over the first year, our blog saw a 9x increase in organic traffic which translated directly into significant growth via our mailing list as well as a MoM increase in inbound sales qualified leads.