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Founded in 2016, okwrite Technologies Inc is an award-winning content marketing agency headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

There were fits and starts, ups and downs, and growing pains, but our commitment to providing top-quality never waivered.

Now, we’ve honed our trademark recipe and have solidified ourselves as the #1 Content Marketing Agency in Canada and one of the top content marketing agencies in North America.

How are we so good at what we do?

Our team knows that quality content relies on a deep understanding of your content marketing goals, including your business goals, target audience, and brand voice.

Using academic-level research skills, industry expertise, and SEO-driven data, we identify and target opportunities for your brand to carve out its own space on the web and effectively rank in the SERPs.

Writers, copy editors and content strategists

Our team is diverse, educated, and open minded

It takes an army. We employ a team of full-time writers, editors, content strategists, and staff to ensure that we can identify and supply the content you need, when and how you need it. Our team is diverse, well-educated (book smart and street smart), and open-minded. We’re curious folk who love to learn about your business, or your clients’ business, and the passion behind it.


Camille Croteau, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Camille is driven by her love of editing and all-things fantasy. Ex-D1 athlete, she now enjoys surfing, paddleboarding, hiking, rock climbing, and making beer.

Erin Foley

Editor in Chief

Erin Foley is a Canadian writer and poet. When not playing with words, she can be found knitting, binging Netflix, hunting ghosts, or looking after other people’s pets.

Amy White

Head of Growth

Amy is a writer, a reader, L.M. Montgomery aficionado, and a mom to two kids. The world is her oyster. A lifelong love of the arts, travel, and pop culture means she knows a little about almost everything.

Rick Frasso

Chief Financial Officer

Rick Frasso is a die-hard entrepreneur solidly established in the Kingston area and throughout Canada as a successful business owner and partner in marketing and technology.

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