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Frequently Asked Questions

What other marketing services do you provide?2022-09-21T14:01:31-04:00

We’re #1 in content marketing, but we provide premium SEO services, including content optimization, SEO-informed strategy, data and analytics, reporting, technical audits, and more. We also can support new website design/development/maintenance, social media marketing, and email marketing support.

What is content marketing or “content”?2022-09-21T14:01:49-04:00

Whether you’re new to the industry or haven’t used content marketing before, understanding what this means can be tricky. Content refers to any type of material online such as images, infographics, text, blogs, web copy, landing pages, email marketing, eBooks, white papers, social media marketing, case studies, videos, and more.

When WE talk about content, we refer to written content, text, blogs, landing page copy, eBooks, white papers, and case studies, but we also support infographics and videos to some degree!

Is okwrite just about content marketing?2022-09-21T14:01:40-04:00

We believe in doing one thing and doing it well. This is why okwrite’s core services always provide the best, highest-quality content. We know that content marketing is connected to other services, like conversion rate optimization, email marketing, and digital ads.

If you want to work with us but don’t think you can because we’re only content marketing, think again. We work with valued partners to ensure our clients get everything they need from a comprehensive source.

I don’t know my marketing goals yet. Can you help?2022-09-21T13:54:20-04:00

It’s okay if you don’t know your marketing goals yet. These change regularly. If you have an idea and want to get more involved in content marketing, then you’re in the right place. We can guide you through the brainstorming process to develop your marketing goals and start your marketing campaign.

How do you ensure content quality?2022-09-21T13:56:30-04:00

Ensuring your content is high quality is the toughest part of content marketing. Not with us. Through our trademark process, all okwrite clients access some of the best content in the world.

Even for okgrow clients, each piece of content is reviewed by two edits for strategy alignment and a proofing process to ensure that the piece adheres to the company or client style guides.

I guess you can say we’re picky—and for you, that’s a good thing!

Last but not least, our writers go through an extensive hiring process. We are proudly run by writers and editors, so we parse through the resumes to find skilled, experienced, niche writers with high-quality topical execution.

Does your process work?2022-09-21T13:54:29-04:00

Yes, we’re proud to say that we’ve honed in on our processes so that we can always guarantee:

  • High-quality content every time
  • Content that directly addresses your content marketing goals
  • Content that speaks in your brand voice and conveys your vision
  • Effective content marketing, no matter what the aim is
Can I just buy a blog?2022-09-21T14:01:23-04:00

Yup, okwrite’s okgrow service is a pay-per-blog service. So while you can buy any of the blogs through okgrow, we still keep simple pricing (no haggling or trying save money getting a “bad” writer). The difference with okgrow is that you provide the topic, direction, and access to our team is downsized.