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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is hiring a specialized copywriter for health and fitness businesses important?2024-03-22T14:40:51-04:00

Hiring a specialized health and fitness copywriter ensures that your content effectively communicates your brand’s unique value proposition, resonates with your target audience, and adheres to industry-specific regulations and guidelines. Additionally, a skilled copywriter with expertise in the health and fitness niche can leverage their knowledge to create content that builds trust, establishes credibility, and ultimately drives conversions for your business.

What types of financial content do you specialize in?2024-03-22T14:29:05-04:00

Our financial content writer services cover a broad spectrum of topics within the financial industry. We specialize in crafting various content formats, including articles, blog posts, whitepapers, reports, newsletters, and marketing materials. Our expertise spans banking, investments, personal finance, insurance, and fintech. We deliver tailored, informative, and engaging content.

What types of content do you specialize in within the nutrition and food industry?2024-03-22T14:12:51-04:00

We offer various content writing services focused on nutrition and food. We’re experts in crafting different types of content, such as blogs, recipes, social media posts, product descriptions, e-books, and guides. Our team can produce top-notch content covering everything from healthy recipes to healthy eating tips and food industry trends, all designed to connect with your audience.

What types of content do you produce for home improvement companies?2024-03-22T14:44:57-04:00

From informative how-to guides and DIY tutorials to engaging blog posts and visually appealing social media graphics, our content marketing agency offers a comprehensive range of content types tailored to the home improvement industry. Whether you’re looking to educate your audience, showcase your latest projects, or promote special offers, we have the expertise to deliver compelling content that drives results.

What types of content do you develop for SaaS clients?2024-03-22T14:47:20-04:00

From comprehensive product guides and informative webinars to persuasive email campaigns and engaging social media content, our content marketing agency offers a diverse array of content formats tailored to the SaaS industry. Regardless of your intent- aiming to educate your audience, showcase new features, or nurture leads through the sales funnel, we have the expertise to deliver impactful content that drives user engagement and boosts conversions.

What types of content can your agency create for the healthcare industry?2023-06-27T11:49:43-04:00

Our agency specializes in creating a wide range of content tailored to the healthcare industry. We can craft informative blog posts, comprehensive white papers, engaging social media content, captivating website copy, and more. Whether you need content for patient education, industry thought leadership, or promotional materials, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

What types of content are most effective for property management and real estate businesses?2023-06-27T11:46:37-04:00

Property management and real estate businesses can benefit from a variety of content types. Blog posts are a popular choice as they allow for in-depth discussions on industry topics, market trends, and helpful tips for property owners and tenants. Case studies can showcase success stories and highlight the expertise of the business. Visual content, such as images, videos, and virtual tours, can provide a captivating and immersive experience for potential clients. Social media content, including engaging posts and relevant industry news, can help businesses stay connected with their audience and attract new followers.

What specific marketing and web industry areas do you cover with your copywriting services?2024-03-22T14:24:57-04:00

Our copywriting services span many areas within the marketing and web industry. We specialize in crafting compelling website copy, creating engaging blog posts and articles, developing impactful email marketing campaigns, crafting social media content, producing whitepapers and case studies, and more. We aim to provide versatile and effective copy that helps businesses effectively convey their message, connect with their audience, and achieve their marketing objectives.

What sets your nutrition and food content writing services apart?2024-03-22T14:14:37-04:00

Our nutrition and food content writing services stand out due to our extensive industry expertise. We’re dedicated to providing accurate, exciting content that makes you happy. We love food and nutrition, and we’re good at writing about it in a way that gets people excited. Whether you need content for a health blog, social media posts about food, or a website all about nutrition, we’ve got you covered.

What sets your health and fitness copywriting services apart from others?2024-03-22T14:41:38-04:00

Our deep understanding of the industry distinguishes our health and fitness copywriting services, our commitment to delivering high-quality, well-researched content, and our focus on achieving measurable results for our clients. We take the time to thoroughly understand your brand, target audience, and marketing objectives, allowing us to create tailored content strategies that align with your business goals and resonate with your audience.

What sets your financial content writer services apart from others?2024-03-22T14:29:51-04:00

What sets our financial content writer services apart from others is our deep understanding of the financial industry, exceptional writing skills, and our steadfast commitment to adhering to guidelines and regulations. We leverage our experience and knowledge to create content that resonates with your target audience, drives engagement, reinforces your brand’s credibility, and complies with relevant industry regulations and standards. Whether you’re a bank, financial institution, investment firm, or fintech startup, you can trust us to deliver compliant and impactful content that meets your specific needs and objectives.

What other marketing services do you provide?2023-06-15T12:33:31-04:00

We’re #1 in content marketing, but we provide premium SEO services, including content optimization, SEO-informed strategy, data and analytics, reporting, technical audits, and more. We also can support new website design/development/maintenance, social media marketing, and email marketing support.

What makes your marketing and web industry copywriting services stand out from the competition?2024-03-22T14:25:55-04:00

Our marketing and web industry copywriting services stand out due to our deep industry knowledge, results-oriented approach, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. We blend creativity with strategic insight to deliver copy that captures attention and motivates action. Whether you require persuasive sales copy, informative blog content, or captivating social media messaging, our team is equipped to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

What makes your hospitality and travel writing different from others?2024-03-22T14:37:08-04:00

Our writing is enriched with a vast experience and creative approach. Our content inspires people to travel and explore new places with passionate writing. Our commitment is to provide exceptional content that will make you stand out in the hospitality and travel industries, whether you require hotel descriptions, travel itineraries, or blog posts.

What makes your cannabis content writing and CBD blog writer services stand out?2024-03-22T14:19:59-04:00

Our approach is driven by a strong enthusiasm for the industry and a commitment to innovation and influence. We don’t just write; we engage ourselves in the cannabis and CBD world, continuously educating ourselves and adapting to keep up with the latest trends and regulations. Whether you need content to showcase your product line, educate consumers about the benefits of CBD, or share insights into the evolving cannabis landscape, we’re equipped with the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life.

What makes your beer content marketing approach different from others?2024-03-22T14:33:35-04:00

Our beer content marketing approach stands out because of our genuine passion for beer, industry expertise, and dedication to delivering measurable results. We blend our knowledge of the craft beer scene with strategic content marketing tactics to help breweries and beer brands increase brand visibility, drive traffic, and boost sales. Whether you need content to promote new brews, educate consumers, or tell your brewery’s story, we’re here to help you stand out in the crowded beer landscape.

What law topics do you write about?2023-11-07T11:02:44-05:00

At okwrite, we have a diverse range of expertise and can write about various topics within the law industry. Whether it’s legal practice areas, legislative updates, industry trends, case studies, thought leadership pieces, or informative guides, our team of experienced writers can cover a wide spectrum of subjects. We understand that each law firm or legal professional has unique requirements, and we work closely with our clients to develop content topics that align with their specific goals and target audience.

Topics includes:

  • Legal scenarios
  • Property law
  • Family law
  • Personal injury law
What kinds of content do you offer for cannabis and CBD businesses?2024-03-22T14:19:11-04:00

We offer a range of services to meet the content needs of businesses in the cannabis and CBD industry. Our team can create various types of content, including informative blog posts, insightful articles, engaging social media updates, enticing product descriptions, informative email campaigns, and comprehensive educational guides. Looking to strengthen your cannabis dispensary, CBD retail store, or related business? We specialize in creating captivating content that resonates with your audience and strengthens your brand.

What kind of hospitality and travel content do you write?2024-03-22T14:35:52-04:00

We cover a wide range of topics in hospitality and travel, including hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and tours. Our services encompass custom content creation for hospitality websites, travel blogs, destination guides, promotional materials, and social media. We can tailor content to meet the specific needs of both the hotel and travel sectors.

What kind of content do you produce for breweries and beer-related businesses?2024-03-22T14:32:48-04:00

Our beer content marketing services cover a broad spectrum of content types tailored specifically for the beer industry. We create a variety of content, such as blog posts, articles, social media content, email campaigns, product descriptions, brewery spotlights, and educational resources. Our content is designed to captivate beer enthusiasts and enhance your brand’s visibility, whether you’re a brewery, beer distributor, or retailer.

What jobs are in demand in PEI?2023-06-27T11:18:15-04:00

Some of the jobs in demand in PEI include healthcare professionals (such as nurses and physicians), information technology specialists, skilled tradespeople (such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters), engineers, agricultural workers, seafood processing workers, and customer service representatives. The specific job market and in-demand occupations may vary over time, influenced by factors such as industry trends, economic conditions, and demographic changes.

Don’t worry – no matter the industry, content marketing can effectively boost sales for any business. And okwrite has experience in a wide range of industries. We are known for taking complex topics and being able to craft high quality, easily understandable content for any industry. Reach out to learn more.

What jobs are in demand in Kingston, Ontario?2023-06-27T11:11:45-04:00

Healthcare professionals (such as nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals), information technology specialists, engineers, skilled tradespeople, customer service representatives, and professionals in the education sector are all in demand in Kingston. 

What is the word count of our pay-per-blog service?2023-06-27T12:02:19-04:00

Our pay per blog service allows customers to purchase a blog by word count. This is similar to the self-service model which allows customers to customize their marketing campaign. When purchasing a blog, the customer submits the title of the blog, SEO parameters like the keyword, and other details like links and headers, and then they choose the length.

Naturally, these blogs are more affordable since the strategy is offloaded. Here’s how we break down that word count:

Word CountPrice (USD)


Enjoy all the benefits of working with a powerful content team without the headaches and large monthly commitments but pay only when you need the content.

  • Authoritative, educational, well-researched, search-optimized blog posts.
  • English writers and editors, all with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Super simple and affordable pricing. No hidden fees, upsells, or contracts.
  • Unique blog posts are written specifically for you, never outsourced or from a library.

With our pay per blog service, you’ll get:

  • 1 Dedicated Content Editor
  • 2-3 Consistent Writers
  • At least 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • A Custom Blog Style Guide
  • Custom Writer’s Brief

You’ll get the highest quality writing even when you “just” buy a blog. Even if you think your content goals are hard to hit, our team takes the time to research your unique needs and provide you with reliable, authoritative, and evergreen content.

What is the largest industry in PEI?2023-06-27T11:19:15-04:00

The largest industry in PEI is agriculture. The province is known for its high-quality agricultural products, particularly potatoes. Farming and agricultural activities, including crop production, livestock farming, and seafood harvesting, play a significant role in the economy of PEI. Other major industries in the province include tourism, seafood processing, aerospace and defense, bioscience, information technology, and manufacturing.

Content marketing is highly effective for B2B businesses like agricultural industries. Reach out to learn more.

What is the largest industry in Kingston, Ontario?2023-06-27T11:09:23-04:00

The largest industry in Kingston, Ontario is the education sector. Kingston is home to several post-secondary institutions, including Queen’s University, the Royal Military College of Canada, and St. Lawrence College. The presence of these institutions contributes significantly to the local economy and supports various sectors, including education services, research, and related industries such as technology, healthcare, and hospitality.

Each of these industries can benefit from content marketing as an approachable way to share what your organization is doing to potential customers and visitors.

What is the difference between our general writing services and SEO content writing services?2023-06-27T09:33:54-04:00

Writing services aren’t always tailored content for SEO goals and generating traffic. When you conduct SEO content writing, your strategy is structured around SEO relevance and effectiveness. All meta titles, meta descriptions, headers, and topics are directed toward this goal.

What is SEO content creation?2023-06-27T09:34:41-04:00

SEO content creation is not SEO writing but a highly targeted writing service based on SEO research and strategy. For example, if you want to use SEO to garner more organic traffic to your website, our SEO content creation services will be tailored to that goal and include SEO research, topic creation, content creation, and more.

What is PEI marketing?2023-06-27T11:23:41-04:00

PEI marketing refers to the strategies and activities undertaken to promote businesses in the beautiful Canadian province, Prince Edward Island (PEI).

PEI marketing encompasses a range of initiatives, including digital marketing, tourism campaigns, local business promotion, cultural event promotion, and economic development efforts.

We help PEI businesses take their marketing to the next level. Reach out to learn more!

What is marketing funding for PEI?2023-06-27T11:20:05-04:00

Marketing funding for PEI may come from various sources, including government programs, grants, and initiatives aimed at supporting marketing and promotion efforts within the province. The government of PEI and relevant agencies may provide funding opportunities for tourism marketing, business promotion, industry development, cultural events, and economic growth. These funding programs can assist businesses, organizations, and individuals in implementing marketing campaigns, expanding their reach, and enhancing their marketing capabilities.

What is marketing funding for Kingston, Ontario?2023-06-27T11:10:24-04:00

Marketing funding for Kingston, Ontario may be available through government programs, economic development agencies, or industry-specific initiatives. These funding opportunities aim to support marketing and promotional activities that enhance economic growth, tourism, business attraction, or event promotion within the city. Funding programs can assist businesses, organizations, or event organizers in implementing marketing campaigns, conducting market research, participating in trade shows, or enhancing their marketing capabilities.

Learn more about how growing businesses can leverage these marketing funds for their marketing goals.

What is Kingston marketing?2023-06-27T11:13:47-04:00

okwrite’s Kingston YGK package is a managed marketing service that helps Kingston businesses grow their marketing campaigns without breaking the budget.

Typically included is:

  • Content development
  • Content creation
  • Regular content distribution
  • Social media and video add-ons
  • And much more.
What is content strategy?2023-06-27T11:00:03-04:00

The content marketing strategy is one of the most important parts of content marketing. Without a good strategy, even well-written content won’t go far.

A content marketing strategy is the roadmap you create before you build an effective content marketing campaign. It should include everything from what type of content needs to be created to how and when you’ll share it with the world.

The strategy should include:

  • A firm goal of the content
  • Strong understanding of the target audience
  • Identification of the important topics related to the goal, industry, and audience
  • Collaboration with other marketing campaigns
  • Identification of the SEO components
  • KPIs and objectives to help measure its success

There are many ways to develop a strategy, and we go in-depth about the anatomy of an effective content marketing strategy in our blog.

What is content marketing or “content”?2023-06-15T12:33:32-04:00

Whether you’re new to the industry or haven’t used content marketing before, understanding what this means can be tricky. Content refers to any type of material online such as images, infographics, text, blogs, web copy, landing pages, email marketing, eBooks, white papers, social media marketing, case studies, videos, and more.

When WE talk about content, we refer to written content, text, blogs, landing page copy, eBooks, white papers, and case studies, but we also support infographics and videos to some degree!

What is brand awareness strategy?2023-06-27T10:48:31-04:00

Brand awareness strategy refers to the set of planned actions and tactics implemented to increase the recognition of its brand among its target audience or beyond that. The goal of brand awareness strategies is to enhance the visibility, recall, and perception of the brand in the minds of consumers.

  • Characteristics of brand awareness include:
  • Developing consistent brand identity
  • Developing marketing campaigns geared toward this goal across multiple marketing channels
  • A strong presence on videos, social media, and at speaking engagements
  • Marketing tactics that leverage the brand awareness messaging
  • Strong public relations or media coverage
  • Selective brand partnerships or collaboration

A well-thought-out brand awareness strategy also focuses on engaging with its customers or audiences to ensure that its hitting the mark. It also sets up reporting and analytics to analyze the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the campaign. We talk in depth about how to build brand awareness through content marketing.

What is authoritative content?2023-11-07T11:05:53-05:00

Authoritative content is unique content that informs the reader, demonstrates subject expertise, and provides the right level of depth for the target audience.

What is authoritative can be relevant depending on a number of factors. In particular, the ever-changing search algorithms also impact this definition.

If you’re aiming for authoritative content as a business doing content marketing (as you should), then it’s important to know your audience, firmly establish your content goals, and provide highly-researched, well-written content. According to Google, expertiseauthoritativeness, and trust are three essential factors in how their algorithm ranks content. Therefore, when writing content with authority, you should consider these three factors to be extremely important.

Example of authoritative content go beyond blogs. They also include tutorials, instructables, buyer guides, videos, and more. Learn more at our blog.

What is a white paper?2023-06-27T09:46:03-04:00

A white paper is a comprehensive report or guide that provides information and insights into a particular topic or issue. White papers can be used to provide in-depth analysis and insights on a particular topic or issue, allowing businesses to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

Overall, a white paper is used to educate readers and present solutions to complex problems or challenges in a particular industry or field. They are typically longer than other types of marketing content, such as blog posts or articles, but more importantly they contain very detailed research, analysis and technical information. They might be more concise to provide more complicated information concisely. 

White papers can be used in various ways, such as to generate leads, establish thought leadership, or to educate prospects about a particular product, service, or technology. They are often used in industries such as technology, finance, and healthcare, where detailed information and insights are important for decision-making.

What is a thought leadership strategy?2023-06-27T10:53:53-04:00

Thought leadership refers to a position of authority and expertise in a particular industry, field, or subject matter. Once an individual or organization has obtained a position of thought leadership, then they are recognized as knowledgable, innovative, and influential within their industry. They typically produce information, insights, and guidance that is trusted and highly regarded. 

Thought leaders typically push the envelope in good ways when it comes to their industry trends and best practices. They possess strong expertise and knowledge in their field, originality, credibility, trustworthiness, and a strong network. In order to build a thought leader strategy, businesses or individuals need to develop their original goal, set KPIs, develop the content plan and content, and distribute that strategy out into the world.

A thought leadership strategy may include:

  • A comprehensive digital marketing and content marketing strategy
  • Topics of interest within the field
  • Strong research background
  • Public relations and media appointments
  • Speaking engagements and strong networking events

Content marketing can be used to boost a thought leadership strategy by showcasing a backlog of knowledge and insights on a business blog. We talk about the benefits of thought leadership on our blog.

What is a PEI Marketing company?2023-06-27T11:22:05-04:00

A PEI Marketing company is a firm or agency based in Prince Edward Island (like okwrite) that specializes in providing marketing services to businesses, organizations, or government entities within the province.

Did you know that okwrite has an office in downtown Charlottetown, PEI? We specialize in offering PEI businesses with content marketing, branding, digital marketing, social media management, advertising, market research, and strategic planning. We develop and implement effective marketing strategies tailored to the specific goals and target audiences of our PEI clients.

If you want to learn how okwrite can support your content marketing and digital marketing goals, learn more.

What is a marketing ebook?2023-06-27T09:42:50-04:00

Marketing eBooks serve as a powerful tool to educate, engage, and attract potential customers, while also establishing the author as an authoritative source in the marketing field. eBooks can be used for marketing purposes as a great way to bring in leads or generate sales.

A marketing eBook is designed to provide valuable information, insights, and advice to readers who are interested in enhancing their marketing knowledge and skills. It is typically longer than a standard blog but not a 400 page novel. Businesses, marketing professionals, or industry experts can author one as a lead generation tool.

Well-written eBooks will have the following characteristics:

  • An interesting topic that is timely and pertinent to the audience
  • Content written in-depth and well-researched
  • Valuable to the readers
  • Written with experience and research to build authority for the brand
  • Shared in smart ways as to be a lead generation tool

When creating an eBook for this purpose, it’s important to consider the marketing strategy. Choosing the right topic, writing in style suitable for the target audience, and following a clear outline will help the book be well-received and useful. Consider incorporating visuals and graphics and including only well-researched, accurate, and up-to-date information.

What is a Kingston marketing company?2023-06-27T11:16:06-04:00

A Kingston marketing company is Kingston-based company like okwrite that specializes in providing marketing services to businesses, organizations, or government entities. These companies offer expertise in various aspects of marketing, such as branding, digital marketing, social media management, content creation, advertising, market research, and strategic planning.

Kingston marketing companies work closely with their clients to develop tailored marketing strategies that align with their objectives and effectively reach the target audience in the Kingston market. They may utilize a range of marketing channels and tactics to promote businesses, products, services, events, or initiatives within the local market, helping clients enhance their brand visibility, attract customers, and achieve their marketing goals. These companies may also offer consulting services, marketing campaign management, and ongoing support to optimize marketing efforts and drive business growth in Kingston, Ontario.

What is a case study?2023-06-27T10:11:01-04:00

In a business context, case studies are often used to showcase successful projects or initiatives, highlighting the benefits of a particular product, service, or strategy. Case studies can be presented in various formats, such as written reports, videos, or presentations.

It typically includes an in-depth examination of a specific case or scenario, including the background, key issues, and outcomes. They often involve qualitative research methods, such as interviews, observations, and document analysis, and can provide insights into complex problems and how they were addressed or resolved. 

Case studies can be useful for businesses to help educate potential customers on the ways that they can solve problems as well as offering an alternative way to showcase positive customer experiences. You can view a few examples here

What if writers don’t understand the content I am looking for?2023-09-27T15:22:31-04:00

We understand that each business has unique content requirements, and we strive to ensure that our writers fully understand and meet your expectations. Our content creation process involves close collaboration with you, starting with in-depth discussions to understand your specific goals, target audience, and desired tone of voice.

To address any concerns you may have, we have a thorough briefing process where we gather detailed information about your business, industry, and content preferences. We also encourage ongoing communication throughout the project, allowing you to provide feedback and make any necessary revisions to ensure the content aligns with your vision.

Our team of experienced writers is skilled at adapting their writing styles and approaches to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering content that exceeds your expectations and effectively communicates your message to your target audience.

What if writers don’t understand the content I am looking for?2023-11-07T11:04:59-05:00

We understand that the law industry has its nuances and specific content requirements. However, rest assured that our team of writers is experienced in working with law firms and legal professionals. We take the time to thoroughly understand your goals, target audience, and content preferences.

We encourage open communication and collaboration throughout the content creation process. Our team is responsive and receptive to your feedback and suggestions. We are committed to delivering content that meets your expectations and aligns with your vision. We welcome detailed briefs, style guides, and any additional information you provide to ensure that the writers have a clear understanding of the type of content you are looking for.

If necessary, we can also arrange meetings or consultations to discuss your content requirements in more detail. Our aim is to build a strong partnership with our clients, ensuring that we consistently deliver content that accurately captures your unique perspective, showcases your expertise, and meets your specific content needs.

What goes into SEO content development?2023-06-27T09:34:10-04:00

The range of SEO content development can vary between agencies in this industry. In general, SEO content development will involve SEO keyword seed research and topical research, content mapping for SEO (including keywords in meta title, title tag, and headers), and topical coverage.

What exactly does a health and fitness copywriter do?2024-03-22T14:40:09-04:00

A health and fitness copywriter specializes in crafting compelling written content for businesses operating in the health, wellness, and fitness industries. This includes creating engaging website copy, blog posts, product descriptions, email campaigns, social media content, and more, all tailored to resonate with the target audience and drive desired actions, such as purchasing products, signing up for services, or engaging with the brand.

What does our content SEO service include?2023-06-27T09:34:01-04:00

Content for SEO is content optimized to rank higher in search engine results. This includes optimizing the content for SEO best practices at that time, like featured snippets and media. Our SEO content services include research, writing, website structure recommendations, and technical SEO support.

What are the different types of SEO?2023-06-15T12:33:26-04:00

SEO content development might include the following types of SEO:

  • Technical SEO: Making your site as crawlable as possible. This can result in your site having a better organic search ranking.
  • On-page SEO: Optimizing elements on a website to rank higher in search engine results pages.
  • Off-page SEO: SEO done outside your site or connected to your site to increase rank. These include building links, making guest posts, and content creation for social media.
  • Content: Creating content to improve your ranking in search engine results. Website content writers facilitate everything from information organization to web content in diverse formats

Each component works together to determine the success of your SEO efforts.

What are some content distribution strategies for property management and real estate businesses?2023-06-27T11:48:11-04:00

Property management and real estate businesses should consider various content distribution strategies to maximize the reach and impact of their content. They can leverage social media platforms to share their content and engage with their audience. Building an email subscriber list allows businesses to send regular newsletters or updates to interested individuals. Collaborating with industry influencers or partnering with relevant websites or publications can expand content distribution to new audiences. Additionally, businesses should optimize their website for search engines, ensuring that their content is easily discoverable by potential clients searching for related keywords.

Is SEO included in okwrite’s Content Marketing Managed Services?2023-06-27T12:01:24-04:00

Yes, basic SEO content development is involved in our managed services product. This ensures that your content stands a chance in the highly competitive market.

Is okwrite just about content marketing?2023-06-15T12:33:32-04:00

We believe in doing one thing and doing it well. This is why okwrite’s core services always provide the best, highest-quality content. We know that content marketing is connected to other services, like conversion rate optimization, email marketing, and digital ads.

If you want to work with us but don’t think you can because we’re only content marketing, think again. We work with valued partners to ensure our clients get everything they need from a comprehensive source.

I don’t know my marketing goals yet. Can you help?2023-06-15T12:33:29-04:00

It’s okay if you don’t know your marketing goals yet. These change regularly. If you have an idea and want to get more involved in content marketing, then you’re in the right place. We can guide you through the brainstorming process to develop your marketing goals and start your marketing campaign.

How much does a blog cost?2023-06-27T10:16:38-04:00

As a content marketing company, we are regularly asked how much does a blog cost?

Estimating blog costs can vary on a number of factors, such as the writing company you hire, whether you’re choosing the blog topics or developing the strategy, the editor, and the writing style or topic.

Industry standards estimate that a 500 word blog can range from $25 to $150 to $300 words, and much more. However, it can be difficult to ascertain averages based on general settings online, as they don’t detail the specifics like the calibre writer, the topic, or the strategy involved.

If you’re trying to figure out what is acceptable to pay for a blog, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you reproduce the quality yourself?
  • What is the value of the time spent crafting the content?
  • Is there another marketing strategy involved like a digital ads campaign?
  • How much ROI can a blog generate for you?

These are all valid questions which help you identify the right price point for your blog costs. If you have a website and are ready to invest in a reliable, long-term content marketing campaign, then ask yourself these questions when searching for the right freelance writer or content marketing agency.

How does your content marketing agency tailor content for home improvement companies?2024-03-22T14:44:40-04:00

Our agency specializes in crafting customized content strategies specifically designed for home improvement businesses. We conduct in-depth research into your target audience, industry trends, and competitors to create content that resonates with your potential customers. Whether it’s blog posts, social media content, or website copy, we ensure that every piece aligns with your brand voice and effectively showcases your services.

How does your content marketing agency approach writing for SaaS clients?2024-03-22T14:46:59-04:00

Our agency excels in crafting content strategies specifically tailored for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. We dive deep into understanding your unique product offerings, target audience, and competitive landscape to create compelling content that resonates with your potential customers. Whether it’s technical whitepapers, engaging blog posts, or informative case studies, we ensure that every piece of content reflects your brand identity and effectively communicates the value of your software solutions.

How does content marketing benefit my healthcare business?2023-06-27T11:49:15-04:00

Content marketing is a powerful tool for your healthcare business as it helps establish your brand’s expertise, build trust with your audience, and drive meaningful engagement. By creating informative and engaging content, you can educate your audience, showcase your services, and address their needs and concerns. This not only positions you as a trusted authority in the industry but also attracts and retains customers, ultimately driving business growth.

How do you use AI in your content marketing services?2023-06-27T10:29:01-04:00

It’s no surprise to us that the rise of AI tools have developed greatly in the last few years and are used widely in content marketing. While they are useful, there are some limitations to them. So, we thought we’d clear the air and answer the daring question: how do you use AI in your content marketing services?

There are several ways that AI can be used in content marketing. They include:

  • Big data anlytics
  • AI chatbots
  • Task automation and customer success
  • Writing
  • SEO keyword research
  • Content optimization
  • Content maintenance
  • Grammar and proofreading

The most useful AI tools for content marketing are involved in task automation, customer management, and content management.

So, no. We do not use AI for writing.

We have tested some AI powered software for optimization and strategy. This is software that uses natural language programming to identify potential keyword phrases related to the primary keyword. We also use Grammarly as a 4th set of eyes to help us catch grammar errors to make sure your content is ready to be published.

How do you start a business in Kingston, Ontario?2023-06-27T11:08:26-04:00

To start a business in Kingston, Ontario, consider these general steps:

  • Develop a business plan outlining your business concept, business goals, target market, products or services, marketing strategies, and financial projections.
  • Register your business with the appropriate authorities, such as the Canada Revenue Agency for tax purposes and the Ontario Business Registry.
  • Obtain necessary licenses, permits, and certifications required for your specific industry or business activities.
  • Set up your business operations, including securing a physical location (if applicable), acquiring necessary equipment, and implementing business systems.
  • Create a marketing strategy to promote your business, reach your target audience, and build brand awareness.
  • Seek advice or support from local business support organizations, such as Kingston Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO), which can provide resources, guidance, and networking opportunities.
How do you measure the success of content marketing campaigns?2023-06-27T11:45:26-04:00

Measuring the success of content marketing campaigns is a critical aspect of our approach. We utilize a combination of key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics tools to track and evaluate the impact of our content on your marketing and web objectives.

Some common metrics we analyze include website traffic, engagement metrics (such as time spent on page, bounce rates, and social media interactions), lead generation and conversion rates, and brand visibility (including search engine rankings and social media reach). These metrics provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of our content in driving audience engagement, generating leads, and supporting your overall marketing goals.

We also assess the qualitative aspects of content performance by analyzing audience feedback, user comments, and social media sentiment. This qualitative data helps us understand the impact of the content on your target audience and allows us to make informed adjustments to improve future campaigns.

Keeping track of different metrics and analyzing the data helps us give you detailed reports along with meaningful insights based on the available data. This helps us optimize our content strategies, identify areas of improvement, and make data-backed recommendations to further enhance the success of your content marketing campaigns.

How do you grow a business in PEI?2023-06-27T11:14:55-04:00

To grow a business in PEI, consider the following steps:

  • Expand your customer base by targeting new markets or segments within PEI or exploring opportunities outside the province.
  • Enhance your marketing efforts through digital marketing, social media engagement, targeted advertising, and collaborations with local influencers or partners.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other businesses or organizations that align with your brand and can help you reach new customers.
  • Invest in workforce development by providing training and professional development opportunities for your employees.
  • Explore opportunities for innovation and diversification within your industry or consider expanding into related industries.
  • Stay informed about available funding programs, grants, or incentives that can support your business growth initiatives.
  • Engage with the local business community, attend networking events, and build relationships with potential customers, suppliers, or mentors.
How do you grow a business in Kingston, Ontario?2023-06-27T11:07:21-04:00

To grow a business in Kingston, Ontario, consider the following steps:

  1. Expand your customer base by targeting new markets, exploring partnerships, or expanding your offerings.
  2. Enhance your marketing efforts through digital marketing, social media engagement, targeted advertising, and collaborations with local influencers or partners.
  3. Invest in workforce development by providing training and professional development opportunities for your employees.
  4. Stay informed about available funding programs, grants, or incentives that can support your business growth initiatives.
  5. Seek networking opportunities, participate in local business associations or events, and build relationships with potential customers, suppliers, or mentors.
  6. Explore opportunities for innovation, process improvements, or product/service diversification to meet evolving market needs.
  7. Consider strategic partnerships or acquisitions that can help expand your business reach or capabilities in Kingston and beyond.
How do you ensure your writing matches our brand and destination?2024-03-22T14:36:13-04:00

We thoroughly research your brand, audience, and competition before we begin writing. This helps us understand your brand’s voice and values so we can write content that accurately reflects them. Our writing fits your style and resonates with your audience, whether you’re promoting a hotel or a travel destination.

How do you ensure your content writing services align with our brand’s messaging and nutritional values?2024-03-22T14:14:56-04:00

We understand the importance of maintaining consistency with your brand’s messaging and nutritional values. Before embarking on any project, we thoroughly research your brand, target audience, and industry landscape. By deeply understanding your brand’s mission, values, and positioning, we tailor our content to align seamlessly with your brand’s messaging and nutritional philosophy, ensuring that every piece of content reflects your unique identity.

How do you ensure the content accurately illustrates our authority and experience?2023-06-27T11:55:52-04:00

We understand the importance of accurately showcasing your authority and experience in the content we produce. To ensure accuracy, our content creation process involves in-depth research and collaboration. Our team conducts thorough investigations, utilizing reliable sources and reference materials to gather accurate information about your firm, practice areas, notable cases, and achievements.

We also work closely with our clients, leveraging their expertise and insights. Through interviews, consultations, and a collaborative approach, we extract valuable information directly from the lawyers and legal professionals within your firm. This allows us to understand your unique perspectives, experiences, and thought leadership, which we then incorporate into the content we create.

We highly appreciate feedback and revisions, which help us ensure that the content we deliver accurately portrays your knowledge and experience. Therefore, we encourage open communication and feedback throughout the content creation process, ensuring that the final product meets your expectations and accurately portrays your firm’s expertise.

How do you ensure the accuracy of the content, illustrating our authority and experience?2023-06-27T11:45:40-04:00

Ensuring accurate and authoritative content is a top priority for our content marketing agency. We employ a rigorous process to ensure the accuracy and quality of the content we create. Our writers conduct thorough research using credible sources, industry-leading publications, and data-driven insights. We collaborate closely with your team to gain a deep understanding of your business, industry, and target audience, allowing us to capture your unique expertise and experience.

In addition, our team includes subject matter experts who possess extensive knowledge and experience in the marketing and web industry. They review and verify the content to ensure it reflects your authority and expertise.

We also welcome your input and feedback throughout the content creation process. Your insights and expertise play a vital role in shaping the content, ensuring its accuracy and alignment with your business goals.

How do you ensure that your copywriting services resonate with our target audience and align with our brand identity?2024-03-22T14:25:36-04:00

We recognize the importance of tailoring copy to resonate with your target audience while staying true to your brand identity. Before commencing any project, we thoroughly research your brand, target demographic, and industry landscape. By understanding your brand’s unique voice, values, and positioning, we craft copy that connects with your audience and reinforces your brand identity and messaging.

How do you ensure that your content reflects the unique essence of our cannabis or CBD brand?2024-03-22T14:19:35-04:00

We dive deep into understanding your brand’s ethos, target audience, and competitive landscape before we pen a single word. This comprehensive research allows us to create content that authentically represents your brand’s values, voice, and identity. Our content can be tailored to align with your brand’s narrative, whether you focus on promoting CBD’s therapeutic benefits, advocating for cannabis legalization, or highlighting your commitment to sustainability.

How do you ensure that your content captures the unique vibe and values of our brewery or beer brand?2024-03-22T14:33:09-04:00

Before writing, we research your brewery or beer brand’s history, brewing techniques, flavour profiles, and target audience. This deep dive enables us to develop content that genuinely reflects your brand’s personality and resonates with your audience, fostering an authentic connection.

How do you ensure that the content resonates with our target SaaS audience?2024-03-22T14:47:41-04:00

Understanding the needs and pain points of your target audience is paramount in crafting content that resonates with them. Our agency conducts thorough market research and user persona analysis to gain insights into your audience’s challenges, goals, and preferences. Armed with this knowledge, we develop content that addresses their specific needs, highlights the benefits of your SaaS solution, and establishes your brand as a trusted industry leader.

How do you ensure that the content resonates with our target audience?2024-03-22T14:45:14-04:00

Understanding your target audience is key to creating content that resonates with them. Our agency conducts thorough research to identify pain points, interests, and preferences. We then craft content that addresses those needs and provides valuable solutions, positioning your brand as a trusted authority in the home improvement space. Additionally, we continuously monitor and analyze performance metrics to refine our content strategy and ensure maximum engagement.

How do you ensure content quality?2023-06-15T12:33:30-04:00

Ensuring your content is high quality is the toughest part of content marketing. Not with us. Through our trademark process, all okwrite clients access some of the best content in the world.

Even for okgrow clients, each piece of content is reviewed by two edits for strategy alignment and a proofing process to ensure that the piece adheres to the company or client style guides.

I guess you can say we’re picky—and for you, that’s a good thing!

Last but not least, our writers go through an extensive hiring process. We are proudly run by writers and editors, so we parse through the resumes to find skilled, experienced, niche writers with high-quality topical execution.

How do you ensure accuracy and expertise in your financial content?2024-03-22T14:29:26-04:00

We take pride in our team’s extensive experience and expertise in the financial services sector. Our staff includes individuals who have worked in the financial industry for years, including roles at one of Canada’s five central banks. This firsthand experience allows us to provide accurate, well-researched, insightful, and relevant content to your audience.

How do you determine “good” writing?2023-06-15T12:33:23-04:00

It can be challenging for the untrained eye to recognized good writing. Here are some key qualities to look for when judging content: 

  1. Clarity: Good writing should be clear and easy to understand. This means using simple, straightforward language and avoiding unnecessary jargon or technical terms that may confuse the reader.
  2. Organization: Good writing should be well-organized, with a clear structure and logical flow of ideas. This means starting with an introduction that sets up the topic and purpose of the writing, and then presenting information in a logical and coherent manner.
  3. Audience: Good writing should be tailored to the intended audience, taking into account their level of knowledge and familiarity with the topic. This means using language and tone that is appropriate for the audience, and presenting information in a way that is relevant and engaging to them.
  4. Voice: Good writing should have a clear and consistent voice that reflects the personality and style of the writer. This means using a tone that is appropriate for the topic and audience, and presenting information in a way that is engaging and interesting.
  5. Accuracy: Good writing should be accurate and factually correct. This means conducting thorough research and fact-checking to ensure that information is reliable and up-to-date.
  6. Grammar and Spelling: Good writing should be free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. This means using proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling to ensure that the writing is clear and easy to understand.
How do I know if I need a health and fitness copywriter for my business?2024-03-22T14:42:02-04:00

Hiring a specialized health and fitness copywriter can be highly beneficial if you’re operating in the health, wellness, or fitness industry and seeking to enhance your online presence, attract more customers, and drive sales. Whether you need help with revamping your website copy, creating engaging blog content, developing email marketing campaigns, or optimizing your social media messaging, a skilled copywriter can help you effectively communicate your brand’s message and connect with your target audience.

How can property management businesses utilize content marketing to differentiate themselves from competitors?2023-06-27T11:47:29-04:00

Content marketing offers an excellent opportunity for property management businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors. By creating unique and valuable content that addresses specific pain points or challenges faced by property owners or tenants, businesses can showcase their expertise and establish a distinct brand voice. They can share success stories, provide testimonials from satisfied clients, and highlight their exceptional customer service. Consistently producing high-quality content that resonates with the target audience helps businesses stand out and position themselves as the preferred choice in the market.

How can I get started with your content marketing services for my healthcare business?2023-06-27T11:50:53-04:00

Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to our team through our contact page or by emailing us directly.

We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your specific requirements, goals, and timeline. Our team will work closely with you to develop a tailored content marketing strategy that aligns with your business objectives. From there, we’ll handle the content creation process, keeping you involved and informed at every step.

Let us help you unlock the power of compelling content and drive the success of your healthcare business.

How can content marketing help property management businesses attract and retain tenants?2023-06-27T11:47:02-04:00

Content marketing plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining tenants. By providing informative and helpful content, property management businesses can showcase the benefits of renting from them, highlight amenities, and address common concerns or questions. They can also create neighborhood guides, sharing valuable information about local attractions, schools, and transportation options. Content marketing enables businesses to establish a strong online presence, making it easier for potential tenants to find and learn about the properties they manage.

How can content marketing benefit the law industry?2023-06-27T11:54:28-04:00

Content marketing offers numerous benefits to the law industry. To start, it helps in establishing thought leadership and building credibility. By consistently publishing high-quality and informative content, law firms and legal professionals can position themselves as trusted authorities within their practice areas. This can attract potential clients and generate leads.

In addition, content marketing enhances brand visibility and online presence. Creating valuable content and optimizing it for search engines can improve organic search rankings, making it easier for potential clients to find the firm or lawyer when searching for legal services.

Content marketing allows for effective client education. By producing content that explains legal concepts, demystifies complex processes, and provides practical advice, law firms can empower their clients to make informed decisions. This builds trust and fosters long-term relationships.

Finally, content marketing facilitates engagement and relationship-building with the target audience. Through various content formats such as blogs, social media posts, videos, and newsletters, law firms can connect with their audience, address their concerns, and provide relevant insights, strengthening the client-lawyer relationship.

How can content marketing benefit property management and real estate businesses?2023-06-27T11:46:12-04:00

Content marketing can be highly advantageous for property management and real estate businesses. By creating valuable and informative content, businesses can establish themselves as industry thought leaders, build brand credibility, and foster trust with their target audience. Content marketing also allows businesses to engage with potential clients, generate leads, and nurture relationships over time. Additionally, it can improve search engine visibility, driving organic traffic to the business’s website and increasing online visibility.

Does the okwrite content process work?2023-06-27T11:05:27-04:00

Yes, we’re proud to say that we’ve honed in on our processes so that we can always guarantee:

  • High-quality content every time
  • Content that directly addresses your content marketing goals
  • Content that speaks in your brand voice and conveys your vision
  • Effective content marketing, no matter what the aim is
Do you really provide a content marketing managed service?2023-06-27T10:25:15-04:00

Yep. We’re proud of our managed service product, which allows businesses small and large to offload the stress that could come with managing a full content marketing campaign. While our packages vary, they mostly include:

  • A dedicated content team
  • A dedicated strategy editor
  • SEO keyword research
  • SEO-backed topic creation
  • Content planning and strategy
  • Full content creation by experienced writers
  • Multiple editorial iterations
  • Analytics
  • Value add-ons, such as distribution and reporting

​​Say goodbye to word count, topic gen, keyword research, and headaches with our Content Marketing Managed Service (CMMS).

okwrite CMMS is a hands-off approach to content marketing. It’s designed for brands who know they need content, but don’t fully understand the how’s and why’s or don’t have the time.

Our  okwrite Strategy Managers provides clients with years of experience conduct extensive interviews, market research, and planning to help you identify:

  • Content market gaps
  • Best long-tail keywords
  • Quarterly topic generation and approval
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Audience and tone
  • Content marketing business objectives

With the information we acquire through onboarding, we are able to identify which topics the client should be writing for and why they should be writing those topics.

Take advantage of our industry experience and expertise to supercharge your online marketing.

Can your content accommodate specific dietary guidelines, nutritional requirements, or culinary preferences?2024-03-22T14:16:06-04:00

Of course! We understand that everyone has different likes and needs when it comes to food. Our team is flexible and can adjust our writing to fit your diet, nutrition needs, and food preferences. Whether you’re all about vegan eats, need gluten-free recipes, or want to promote sustainable eating, we’ll customize our content to match your needs and connect with your audience.

Can your agency handle content creation for specialized healthcare fields?:2023-06-27T11:50:21-04:00

Absolutely. Our agency prides itself on having experienced writers who specialize in various healthcare fields. Whether it’s medical aesthetics, cardiology, urgent care clinics, physiotherapy, counseling services, or any other specialized area, we have the expertise to create content that caters to your specific needs. Our writers possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of these fields, allowing them to produce highly targeted and impactful content for your business.

Can you write according to our specific preferences or requirements?2024-03-22T14:37:39-04:00

We understand that each client has unique needs, so we customize our writing to meet them. Collaboratively, we ensure our writing aligns with your goals, whether it be tone, style, or target audience. Our goal is to provide exceptional content enabling your business to prosper in the hospitality and travel industries.

Can you tailor your financial content to suit our specific audience and objectives?2024-03-22T14:30:16-04:00

Our financial content is tailored to meet your unique requirements and objectives since each client and audience differs. Our content customization can reach your target audience and achieve your goals, whether you’re targeting millennials interested in budgeting and saving, affluent investors, seeking wealth management advice, or small business owners needing financial planning tips.

Can you provide examples of successful content campaigns for SaaS clients?2024-03-22T14:47:58-04:00

Certainly! We have a proven track record of delivering successful content campaigns for SaaS clients across various industries. Whether it’s driving product awareness, increasing user engagement, or boosting customer retention, our tailored content strategies have helped numerous clients achieve their business objectives. We would be delighted to showcase case studies and examples of our work to illustrate how we can elevate your SaaS brand through strategic content marketing initiatives.

Can you provide examples of successful content campaigns for home improvement companies?2024-03-22T14:45:30-04:00

Absolutely! We have a proven track record of successful content campaigns for home improvement companies. Whether it’s increasing website traffic, generating leads, or driving conversions, our tailored content strategies have helped numerous clients achieve their goals. We’d be happy to share case studies and examples of our work to demonstrate how we can elevate your brand through strategic content marketing initiatives.

Can you create content that meets the beer industry regulations and guidelines?2024-03-22T14:33:54-04:00

Of course. We have extensive knowledge about the rules and standards that apply to the beer industry. From labeling requirements to advertising standards, we ensure our content complies with all relevant regulations while effectively promoting your brand and products. Whether navigating legal complexities or aiming to connect with your audience meaningfully, our team has the expertise to deliver content that hits the mark.

Can you create content that complies with the ever-changing regulations in the cannabis and CBD industry?2024-03-22T14:20:35-04:00

Certainly, we have extensive knowledge of the intricate details of cannabis and CBD regulations, and we keep ourselves updated with any changes in the legal landscape. We ensure that our content adheres to regulatory standards, including packaging and labeling requirements and advertising restrictions, while effectively promoting your brand. Trust us to deliver compliant and engaging cannabis and CBD content that elevates your brand.

Can you accommodate unique project requirements and tight deadlines for marketing companies?2024-03-22T14:26:15-04:00

Certainly! We understand that every project comes with its own set of requirements and deadlines. Our team is highly adaptable and capable of meeting tight deadlines and accommodating specific project needs. Whether you have a time-sensitive campaign or specific guidelines for a project, we work closely with you to ensure that our copywriting services meet and exceed your expectations, delivering impactful results within your desired timeframe.

Can I just buy a blog?2023-06-15T12:33:31-04:00

Yup, okwrite’s okgrow service is a pay-per-blog service. So while you can buy any of the blogs through okgrow, we still keep simple pricing (no haggling or trying save money getting a “bad” writer). The difference with okgrow is that you provide the topic, direction, and access to our team is downsized.