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Level Up Your Marketing Campaign

Level Up Your Marketing Campaign

Content marketing agencies mostly make the same claims—that they can help you and your business create content and strategize. 

A good content marketing agency is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses in these busy times of information overload. Partnerships can be an excellent way for companies to get their brand out there and develop it. And when using the right partnerships, it’s possible to reach new customers with clever strategies such as SEO or blogging.

Some content marketing agencies are better than others. Of course, writing, strategizing, and collaboration quality are critical for a successful partnership. However, using tools to increase your SEO, content quality, and intent accuracy is the icing on the cake. One such tool that content marketing agencies can use is MarketMuse.

MarketMuse is a content intelligence tool that enables marketing teams to research ideal keywords and topics. Content development and quality are significant challenges for marketing departments: quality content can be time-consuming and costly, yet it is key to customer acquisition and retention.

What is a MarketMuse content marketing agency, and how does using MarketMuse for your content strategy agency affect the benefits of an agency? We dive in below.

SEO Strategy and the Usefulness of SEO Software

The importance of SEO strategy and SEO software cannot be overstated. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the practice of improving a website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO strategy involves implementing varying SEO tactics to make a website more attractive to search engines. Tactics include optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, and content. Proper implementation of an SEO strategy can greatly improve the chances of success when it comes to appearing in SERPs.

SEO software is also critical for achieving success with an SEO strategy. These tools provide businesses with a wide range of functions for managing their online presence and optimizing their websites for better visibility in SERPs.

SEO software can help businesses track website performance, monitor keyword usage across different platforms, analyze backlinks, and optimize content for better indexing by search engine crawlers. In addition to these features, most modern SEO software packages include analytics and reporting tools that allow users to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and identify areas for further improvement.

Overall, implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy requires time and effort; however, investing in the right tools can significantly help streamline this process. Additionally, taking advantage of automated software can ensure that businesses consistently utilize up-to-date strategies to help them stay ahead of their competition and achieve maximum visibility in SERPs.

Marketmuse is one such software for optimizing and researching SEO trends, but there other options out there as well, such as SEMrush and Surfer SEO.

What is MarketMuse SEO Software?

MarketMuse optimizes content and allows marketers to focus on what they do best, which is more of the creative marketing stuff. MarketMuse helps content creators optimize their content more efficiently by providing SEO strategies and predictions, data trends, and analyzing how their content will do in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

MarketMuse has two main offerings: 

Applications: used to do research and plan content

Inventory: used for tracking what is currently on your website

MarketMuse aims to make content creation easier. They do this by giving you a single platform with different tools that can aid the entire process, from keyword research to formulating an optimized article or blog post.

MarketMuse can help a content marketing agency devote more time to creative tasks like content creation by optimizing existing content and increasing SEO effectiveness to drive conversions.

MarketMuse assigns customized difficulty scores for your articles to help you rank higher. The higher the score, the simpler it will be for you to come out ahead of the competition. MarketMuse offers an AI platform that generates content for writers based on briefs and suggestions. The machine learning algorithm examines content against a dataset of topics to suggest what it thinks is the best text for the given situation. MarketMuse has a natural language generation (NLG) engine that marketers can convert text into optimized long-form content.

A content marketing agency without SEO tools like MarketMuse will typically spend a lot of wasteful effort on research, planning, briefing, writing, editing, and publishing their content. If they also don’t optimize the content according to SEO strategies, then it will never be found by people who could benefit from it.

How Content Marketing Agencies Use MarketMuse for SEO Strategy

MarketMuse offers content marketers and creators a service that can help develop exciting content your readers will love. The product overcomes the need for struggles with data insights, content prioritization, and deployment and optimization for everything from copywriting to social media posts.

MarketMuse is not limited to content marketing agencies. MarketMuse provides a variety of services for many different types of companies. Major enterprises have used them, including publishers, B2B technology companies, eCommerce efforts, agencies, and affiliate marketers. This allows them to grow and be more effective in all facets of their business.

This also means that MarketMuse would be a good fit for content marketing agencies, who can use it to provide compelling content in various industries.

The AI technology of MarketMuse can scan and evaluate tens or hundreds of thousands of pieces of content in just a few seconds. A content marketing agency can use MarketMuse to make its content more successful for its clients, leading to more success for the agency.

MarketMuse for Content Creation and Keyword Ranking

MarketMuse considers page ranking difficulty and authoritative rank to tell you how challenging it would be to rank for that topic. Their clustering technology software can do this by finding related content and organizing it in a way that makes sense.

This technology can spot pages with a higher chance of being clicked on by users. The metrics it provides give a more accurate prediction than before. AI can suggest content ideas and outlines. With content briefs that provide information about what you want, writers can craft a well-structured piece of content that satisfies your needs. With MarketMuse, editors spend less time on feedback loops, which frees up their time for other tasks.

Some AI tools, like MarketMuse, are becoming popular with marketers. MarketMuse’s system helps you create a content marketing strategy, such as using the innovative MarketMuse NLG platform to get a head start on finding compelling content ideas and save time and effort.

marketmuse vs seo surfer planning

Content marketing is full of competition, so turning to innovation to get better turnaround times, accuracy, and more informed content is an asset. MarketMuse can be used to edit and make changes to outdated blog posts or pages, especially when you are unsure what to do, whether it needs a rewrite, and what type of content it needs. By running the page or content through MarketMuse, you’ll see all the information you need about its competitiveness. Plus, it can help you develop an edge over your competitors.

MarketMuse is an excellent all-rounder. It can help you do research, make content plans, and write and edit without taking up your time that could be spent on other essential aspects of the business, especially creating content for your clients. MarketMuse allows your creativity to shine while accounting for the touchpoints required to rank and reach an audience.

MarketMuse technology integrates with content management systems and optimization analytics platforms, acting as the middle piece; you can use it as it fits your purpose.

MarketMuse for Content Marketing (And Why it’s Really Good for Ranking)

MarketMuse helps companies publish confidently. The technology provides a quantitative measure of content quality and alignment to the user intention so you can post confidently, knowing your content is excellent. In addition, MarketMuse delivers the option for content marketing agencies to start the day more effectively by using a dashboard that displays helpful insights.

Content marketing agencies can put MarketMuse’s color-coded table to work to create a matrix with various topics and related content competition. It helps to analyze the landscape and find where gaps exist in content to beat competitors.

If you want to create better content, MarketMuse researches the latest effective content marketing strategy. AI-generated insights can allow marketers to identify what readers want in their content and how they can provide even better value. You’ll save hours of research and drafting by starting with AI-generated first drafts.

MarketMuse vs Surfer SEO

MarketMuse has also been compared to other SEO tools like Surfer SEO. Both software offers keyword recommendations while writing and outline generation, so when crafting content, writers may be able to access similar MarketMuse features through Surfer SEO’s free extension or currently cheaper plan. One of the benefits is that it recommends using keywords for headers specifically, which maMarketmuse does not.

But how do the two compare when conducting research?

Surfer SEO does have a keyword research tool to see where keyword gaps can help you get ahead of your competition.

seo surfer content planning

Work with a Professional Content Marketing Agency to Leverage NLG SEO Tools

There are many benefits of working with a professional content marketing agency like okwrite. For example, we can give you a fresh perspective on your business and how to position it in the market. We can also help you create content aligned with your marketing strategy and goals.

At okwrite, we offer professional content marketing strategies to help you create infographics, blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc. You will also have access to our award-winning team of experts who can advise on SEO, social media strategy, and analytics.

We offer the option of partnering with MarketMuse to provide your content strategy with valuable insights and competitive keyword research.

Are you looking for AI-driven content strategy? Connect with us to learn more.

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