Content Marketing Strategy

Did you know that Content Marketing generates three times as many leads as paid search advertising?
65% of the world’s top-performing organizations have a clearly developed and thought out content marketing strategy. Before you begin any online content marketing efforts, it’s important to first develop a content marketing strategy that works for both your brand and customers. A solid content marketing strategy will provide you with a high-level vision that will not only direct the development of your future content but will help your organization to meet specific business goals. Most content marketers recognize that a content marketing campaign requires high-quality content. But without the means to distribute this content to effectively reach your target audience, content marketing efforts will fall short. If your marketing team already has an inbound marketing campaign or digital marketing plan, it needs to consider the role that content plays in this strategy. Implementing high-quality content into an inbound marketing campaign without the right strategy might not reach your potential customers.

The okwrite Promise: No More Pointless Content

At okwrite, we know that a successful content marketing campaign starts with an objective-orientated, well-researched, and data-driven long term strategy. At the core of our strategy development is our content strategists. Our content strategists work closely with your brand to correctly identify your market fit, build-out your buyer personas, identify your buyer’s journey, and develop the content that impacts your buyers at the moment that means the most. On every decision level, we are getting to know you and your goals to ensure that your audience is being reached. That is why our content strategies start and end with your overall company goals and needs. Our strategy development involves:
  • Conceptualizing your brand
  • Mapping your company goals and vision
  • Collaborating with your company to ensure your target audience is reached
  • Directing content to promote brand awareness and organic traffic searches
  • Regular reassessments to ensure goals are being hit

Customizable and Adaptable

When it comes to developing a strategy, there are a variety of factors to be considered. A well-rounded content marketing campaign recognizes that it is part of a larger plan. This plan needs to first identify a business’ brand, it’s current audience and target audience, the interests of potential customers, and buyer goals. We’re here to help you with this journey. At okwrite, we set the framework so your company can continue to evolve with a long-term strategy. So while your business grows and develops, your content marketing campaign will still be successful and reach potential customers. We excel at long-form content, intuitive web copy, blog posts, and content for lead generation. And all our content creation can be integrated with social media and tools like Google Analytics, which will allow you to stay on top of your marketing efforts. In addition to identifying how your content marketing strategy should interact with your customers, our marketing plan also uses powerful SEO tools and collaborative methods to help your company spread brand awareness.

The okwrite Foundational Questions

Digital marketing can be tricky. To simplify this process, we ask only a few core questions. By asking these questions, we help brands to direct their content marketing efforts:
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What is your current audience asking?
  • What value can your brand provide in terms of knowledge?
  • What buyer goals can you address?
  • Can your customers find your brand? If so, how?
  • Are you sharing on social media platforms, like LinkedIn?

The Solution

Not all solutions are cut-and-dry. However, there are foundational aspects that a proper content marketing plan needs to cover. These include:
  • Generate more and warmer leads, sales, or action
  • Increase organic traffic using data
  • Increase social engagement
  • Get your content on search engines
  • Recommend a social media presence
  • And solidify your brand voice
Evaluate your industry
Build your customer avatar
Perform in-depth keyword research
Customize and align a content marketing strategy to meet your unique business goals

Let the expert team at okwrite handle your content strategy while you focus on further perfecting your product, service, and business.