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Crafting exceptional content isn’t a walk in the park; if it were, everyone would be a master at it, right?

However, the landscape is changing. Companies worldwide recognize the need for expert assistance to amplify their message, drive business growth, and educate the masses.

In today’s online world, businesses need to roll up their sleeves and embrace a solid content marketing strategy that really clicks with their audience.

So, consider this article your trusty sidekick on this exciting journey.

We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make your brand shine brighter than ever before. So get ready to take your business to new heights of success with our must-know secrets.

Who, what, when, where, why?

There are a lot of myths about what it takes to write great content. Filtering through the noise can be complicated but with the correct planning, it can be straightforward.

First, let’s define great content.

Great content serves a business purpose, creates value for your readers via education, and is transparent and authoritative.

Great content answers questions and creates more questions.

Our clients range from teams of 1 or 2 people to enterprises where there could be 15 stakeholders involved in a single blog post.

So, how do you produce great content that your entire team is proud of, and can scale?

First, identify your content marketing goals.

Then, cover the basics: who, what, when, where and why?

Let’s look at these five elements, step by step:




Before you can get into developing your strategy, you need to identify who you are speaking to. This effort will allow you to craft content that speaks directly to your audience, using their language and addressing their pain points.

Uncover Your Customer’s Universe

Imagine being a cosmic explorer, discovering uncharted planets. Creating a customer avatar is like sketching your very own planet full of details. But hold on, we’re not stopping there — let’s reverse-engineer this knowledge into an audience that’s ready to be wowed.

The Art of Problem-Solving

Here’s where the real magic happens. Think of your product or service as a superhero, swooping in to save the day. Imagine running an e-commerce store selling tennis balls in bulk. You’re the knight in shining armor for those tennis clubs in dire need of supplies for their tournaments.

Crafting Killer Content

To promote your e-commerce store, should your blog be focused on topics like “Why Our Tennis Balls Are Epic” or “The Top-Secret Formula Behind Our Tennis Balls”? Not quite.

What are your tennis enthusiasts really asking for? Could it be the ultimate guide to hosting round-robin tennis tournaments? Or maybe they’re hungry for the ultimate guide to throwing an ace tennis event?

Identifying Your Target Audience: Unveil the Heartbeat

Now that you’ve begun to formulate the identity of your target audience, it’s time to really narrow down the details.

Crafting Engaging Content: Your Content’s Supercharge

Hold onto your hats, content creators, because we’re unleashing the secret sauce to captivate your audience’s attention.

The Art of Educational Blog Posts

Imagine this: your content isn’t just informative, it’s like a beacon of light, guiding your readers toward valuable insights and action steps that can change their game.

Radiating Authority Through Transparency

Picture this as a trust-building extravaganza. Share your company’s journey, sprinkle in stories of resilience, and flex your expertise.

  • Amp up your credibility with glowing testimonials from thrilled customers.
  • Roll out the red carpet for guest posts and interviews with industry stars, showing your deep connections.
  • Reinforce your points with solid data from trusted sources.

By crafting content that resonates with your readers, you’re setting the stage for a fandom that’s in it for the long haul.

Creating Your Customer Persona: Carving the Perfect Sculpture

Imagine fashioning a statue of your dream customer with all the nitty-gritty details that matter.

  • Demographics: Age, gender, location, and what’s in their wallet.
  • Psychographics: Uncover their passions and the stuff that makes their heart race.
  • Behavior Patterns: How do they roam the online world and dance through social media?
  • Goals: What’s the pot of gold they’re chasing at the end of the rainbow?
  • Pain Points/Challenges: The beasts they’re itching to conquer.

Illuminating with Solutions: Your Problem-Solving Arsenal

Time to level up on your problem-solving skills! Dive into user reviews and tune into social chatter. Those pain points? They’re your secret weapons!

Crafting Captivating Content: Your Creative Odyssey

Get ready, because we’re stepping into the realm of crafting content that’s more captivating than a spellbinding adventure novel.

Tailoring to Your Audience: Lights, Camera, Connection!

Remember those juicy questions and dreams we unveiled? This is the grand performance. Every blog post, tweet, and share needs to strike a chord with what keeps your readers up at night. Your content isn’t just words; it’s a lifeline to their solutions.

Embrace Your Title as the Problem-Solving Pro

Imagine wearing a crown that shines with problem-solving brilliance. That’s where you’re headed. By tackling your audience’s challenges head-on, you’re not just creating content — you’re constructing a kingdom of trust and expertise.

And there you have it, the odyssey from identifying your crowd to molding them into fervent fans who hang onto your every word. So gear up, because we’re about to shape a content realm that’s bound to leave them awestruck!


Your content isn’t just a bunch of words; it’s a captivating cocktail of education, engagement, value (yep, education again), transparency, and authority. But hold up, how in the world do you whip up this magical mix day after day, week after week?

Well, gather ’round, because here’s a nifty trick straight from our playbook. Imagine this: in our sales CRM at okwrite, we’ve got this treasure trove called the ‘questions’ field. Whenever a curious customer or prospect drops an interesting question, our sales champs stash it in the customer file.

Once a week, those questions step onto the stage of our ‘ideas’ spreadsheet. Now, here’s where the magic happens. If just one customer has a question, chances are the rest of the crew is wondering too. And if it’s not just our customers, but also our potential customers, with that question burning in their minds, then it’s a golden opportunity.

Let’s say the questions “Does using stock photos affect SEO?” and “How much should we pay our new salesperson?” caught our eye this week. These gems give us insights into the burning curiosities of our clients, especially those who are riding the growth wave. Some might be stepping into the world of hiring their first salesperson.

And guess what? We’re not hoarding this treasure. We’re here to share a dose of free education!

Content Ideas from Customer Questions: The Goldmine Unveiled

Buckle up, because we’re about to unveil the hidden gems that your audience craves.

Crack the Code: Tracking Customer Queries

You’ve got a CRM or a trusty spreadsheet, right? Time to use them like a master detective. Track those queries systematically, jotting down every intriguing question that pops up.

Transform Q&A into Content Gold

Now comes the enchanting part. Take those customer questions and turn them into content that sparkles. Dive deep, understand the core of the concern, and craft actionable advice that’s worth its weight in gold. Sprinkle real-life examples like confetti.

Authority in Action

When you blend customer questions into your content strategy, you’re not just building trust with your readers, you’re becoming an authority in your field. Imagine the nod of approval from your audience as you address their queries head-on.

So there you have it, a journey from curious questions to captivating content that positions you as the captain of knowledge. Get ready to set sail with newfound authority!


Time to unravel the mystery of blog post publishing frequency. Get ready for some pulse-quickening insights.

Peek into the Crystal Ball: Your Publishing Schedule

Before we dive in, take a glance at our content frequency post for the full scoop.

But here’s the short, exciting answer: roll out your content at least once a week. If you can give more, go ahead and give more!

Finding Your Groove: The Publishing Frequency Dance

Hold onto your hats, because this is where the magic happens. Consistency is your best friend. Keep those articles flowing, aiming for a weekly post at the very least. Feel like turning up the volume? Go for it!

Unveiling the Weekly Wonders

What’s in it for you? Brace yourself for the wonders of a weekly publishing schedule:

  • A trail of fresh breadcrumbs: Regular updates position you as the top dog in your industry.
  • SEO stardom: Google’s all about ranking the movers and shakers, and regular content updates are the golden ticket.
  • The social media extravaganza: Tossing those new blog posts onto your social channels? You’re inviting visitors to your content carnival.

The Golden Rule: Balance Quality and Quantity

Here’s where the magic happens, content creators. Imagine crafting an editorial calendar that’s as organized as a symphony, guaranteeing consistent content without sacrificing the sparkle of quality.

Seek Evergreen Horizons

Picture this: your content as a timeless masterpiece. Focus on evergreen topics that stay relevant, no matter the season.

Decode the Engagement Riddle

It’s a dance between you and your audience. Monitor their moves, analyze their rhythms, and adjust your publishing frequency to keep them grooving.

Remember, the ultimate publishing frequency isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula. It dances to the beat of industry trends, your resources, and what your audience craves. The secret sauce? Focus on quality, maintain a steady rhythm, and watch your content strategy skyrocket like a star.


Welcome to the heart of our content adventure, where we’re about to unveil the treasure map of content distribution. It’s like being right in the middle of an epic journey, where each step you take leads to exciting new horizons.

Defining Your Content’s Mission

Imagine your content as the hero of its own story, with a clear purpose and mission. But before you set it on its quest, pause for a moment. What’s the grand purpose? Are you aiming to spark social engagement, nurture leads, reel in new prospects, or educate your existing clientele?

Ensuring Your Content and Goals Align

Now, let’s dive into the content alchemy. Does your content fit like a glove with your objectives? If you’re all about lead generation, take a closer look. Is it tailored for the search engines, packed with educational value, and wrapped in an authoritative aura?

And if you’re crafting a special ebook for your loyal customers, does it resonate perfectly with your brand’s essence? Does it seamlessly match the wisdom you’ve shared throughout your sales journey?

Oh, and if your yardstick of success is social engagement, then hold your horses! Is your title a click-worthy masterpiece? Does your content offer a knowledge feast?

Mastering the Art of Content Channels

Picture yourself smack in the middle of a content universe. You’ve crafted your masterpiece, and now it’s time to share it with the world.

The Allure of Email Newsletters

Imagine sending out scrolls of wonder to your subscribers’ inboxes. That’s what visually striking newsletters do, complete with crystal-clear calls-to-action that beckon readers to dive deeper.

Setting the Social Media Stage Ablaze

Imagine your content as the star of a grand stage production. On the platforms of social media, promote intriguing snippets and eye-catching visuals that set the stage on fire, igniting curiosity and sparking conversations.

Unlocking Knowledge Through Ebooks & Whitepapers

Ebooks: These are like offering secret maps, unlocking profound insights in exchange for valuable email treasures.

Whitepapers: Imagine scrolls of wisdom, filled with research-backed gems that showcase your mastery and leadership.

Dominating with Guest Blogging & Content Syndication

Think about broadening your horizons. Guest blogging on other platforms or sharing your content across third-party realms is like setting out on a quest to conquer new territories. Your content reigns supreme, reaching uncharted audiences.

And there you have it, right in the middle of our content journey, where the creation meets its destiny: strategic distribution. It’s not just about crafting tales, but also about guiding them to eager ears. So, chart your course and let your content sail on to new horizons!


Hold on tight, because we’re diving into the heart of the matter: the all-important “Why?”

Asking this question is like peering through a crystal ball that reveals the true essence of your content’s purpose.

Let’s Play 20 Questions

Imagine this: you’re sitting across from your content, asking it, “Why are you here?” And listen, it’s not about your calendar whispering “Wednesday.” It’s about having a rock-solid answer that goes something like this: “We’re here to wield our authority and drop knowledge that educates and empower our prospects.”

The Power of Intent

But let’s dive a little deeper, shall we? What’s your big dream? Are you craving the roar of engaged debates on social media? Or are you flexing those content muscles to ramp up those sales figures?

The Almighty “Why” Blueprint

Think of your “why” as the architect’s blueprint, shaping every piece of content with a clear business purpose. It’s like the North Star guiding your content journey.

A Clear Path Forward

Once you’ve cracked the “why” code, here’s the secret sauce: always include a pathway that leads straight into your business funnel. Think of it as your content’s GPS, guiding readers toward meaningful actions.

So, let’s play a game of “Why?” and unearth the gems that drive your content. Once you’ve got your “why,” it’s time to pave the way for readers to journey into your business realm.

FAQs About Content Marketing Strategy

Hold onto your hats because we’re diving into the FAQs that’ll light up your content marketing strategy journey.

What Are Content Marketing Strategies?

Content marketing strategies are like your trusty compass in the vast landscape of digital realms. These strategies involve a power-packed lineup: finding your crowd, cooking up engaging content, mining gold from customer questions, setting the perfect rhythm for publishing, and nailing the art of content distribution. These moves aren’t just dance steps; they’re a recipe for crafting content that attracts, retains, and converts like a champ!

What’s the Top-Secret Recipe: The 4 Steps!

Hold the phone, because here’s where the magic unfolds. The four steps of a content marketing strategy are like building blocks of success:

  1. Setting Goals and Objectives: Imagine laying down the blueprint of your dream castle.
  2. Getting to Know Your Audience: Think of this as being the Sherlock of your audience’s desires.
  3. Crafting Stellar Content: It’s like whipping up a feast for your readers’ hungry minds.
  4. Unleashing the Magic: Picture this as the grand opening of your content extravaganza, spreading the magic across channels and captivating potential customers.

The 3 Epic Keys to Success

Get ready to unlock the treasure chest of content marketing secrets. The three must-know points to rock your strategy:

  1. Quality Over Quantity: Imagine your content as a gourmet meal, not fast food.
  2. Data-Powered Decisions: It’s like having a crystal ball that guides every move. It’s like having a crystal ball that guides every move.
  3. Brand Consistency: Picture your brand’s voice as the rockstar headlining every show, no matter the platform.

The 4 Mighty Elements

Imagine crafting a masterpiece, and these are the essential colors on your palette:

  1. Valuable Content: Think of this as the heart and soul of your strategy.
  2. Defined Audience: Picture a crowd that’s hanging on your every word.
  3. Consistent Brand Voice: Imagine your brand’s voice as the maestro of a symphony.
  4. Spreading the Magic: It’s like launching a rocket of awesome content into the digital galaxy, catching the eyes and hearts of your audience. It’s like launching a rocket of awesome content into the digital galaxy, catching the eyes and hearts of your audience.

And there you have it! The journey through the exciting realm of content marketing strategy, where every move is a step toward connecting, captivating, and conquering. Get ready to light up your strategy like a fireworks display!

Unleash the Power of Content Marketing Strategy!

Ready to set the stage on fire with your content marketing strategy? Buckle up, because we’re diving into the heart of crafting a strategy that’s bound to dazzle.

Know Your Audience, Solve Their Problems

Imagine this as your content compass: understanding your audience and their dilemmas. Nail down their pain points, then craft content that’s like a spotlight on your authority, shining bright through transparency.

Ignite the Idea Bonfire

Your audience’s questions are like sparks waiting to catch fire. Use them to fuel your content ideas. And hey, finding that sweet spot for publishing frequency? It’s like creating a rhythm that keeps your audience grooving.

Navigate the Distribution Maze

Don’t let your masterpiece stay hidden in the shadows. Think of your content distribution channels as your trusty map. Choose wisely, ensuring your message reaches the right eyes at the perfect moment.

Crafting Your Content Strategy

Building a content strategy is like crafting a treasure map. You unearth gems from customer queries, plot the perfect frequency, and chart a course to distribution success. It’s about transforming ideas into action that resonates with your target audience.

Unleash Your Content Odyssey!

As we wrap up this epic journey through the content marketing strategy cosmos, remember that you’ve been bestowed with the tools to transform your approach into a triumph. From creating compelling content that resonates to unraveling the “why” behind it all, you’re now armed to conquer the digital realm like a true champion.

But here’s the kicker: the adventure doesn’t fade away here. If you’re itching for more, yearning for expert guidance, or simply hungry for that extra edge, our content marketing company stands at the ready.

Ready to take your content marketing to the next level? Our Managed Services have got your back! Our team of experienced pros will whip up, gather, and strategically spread amazing content that speaks directly to your audience’s interests. We’re not just talking about content – we’re talking about the kind that hits the bullseye every time. From understanding your audience to making sure your content reaches the right eyes, we’re on it from start to finish. Ready to see the magic happen? Let’s team up today and give your brand’s story the spotlight it deserves!

No matter if you’re starting from scratch or a seasoned strategist seeking to elevate your game, we’re right by your side. Reach out today for a dose of insights or to launch your content marketing journey with our expert assistance. Let’s transform your visions into vibrant content realities, together!


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