As a business owner who has a handle on SEO, you’ve probably already optimized the content and images on your site. However, your work is not done there. You need to ensure your meta descriptions are optimized because they influence the results that a user sees in search engines.

Meta descriptions are essential for SEO and are used to describe your content in search engine results. They should be concise, relevant, and engaging—you need to make sure yours stick out. In fact, one of the best ways to get visitors from search engine results to your website is through good meta descriptions.

This guide will show you how to create compelling meta descriptions for your site, optimize it for SEO, and make sure the meta description gets displayed in search engine results.

What is a Meta Description?

A meta description is a bit of HTML code on the homepage, ideally around 155 to 160 characters long. It acts as a summary of your content. It’s the text that appears below your page title.

Meta descriptions appear in search results when the meta description contains the keywords you’re searching for. Unlike your page title, meta descriptions are not typically a ranking factor, but they provide descriptive information and tempt users to click on them. They also offer an excellent marketing toolkit for wording your product as part of your content marketing strategy.

Businesses increasingly use meta descriptions for SEO as they appear to visitors before they click. This should be a concise, accurate, and 100-words or longer text. It should contain the keywords that are being targeted and may also include a call to action.

Meta descriptions can get your website more visibility when you type in specific keywords. They also make your company stand out on the search engine results pages (SERPs) when somebody searches for a term like “fitness apps.” The words at the top of a web page are called the title tag. It’s what would be the title if someone were to write about it. Underneath it is a short description of 155 characters or less. This is for the meta description.

What Makes a Great Meta Description?

The goal of a meta description is to generate a click-through from a Google search. Meta descriptions are utilized to accomplish this.

Google states meta descriptions do not affect rankings. However, there is a likely indirect benefit in that Google uses click-through rates to determine if you are a satisfying result for the search somebody enters.

When you appear higher in the SERPs for many people, Google sees this as you being a more relevant result. So if your position is better and more people click on your site, Google will move you up the SERP. Many people think that meta descriptions don’t matter if they’re not interested in ranking on search engines. That’s not the case, or else this guide wouldn’t exist. If a website doesn’t rank on search engines, its meta description won’t appear.

Unfortunately, Google may not display the meta description you’ve carefully written. But, as there’s the potential that it will, it is always worth exploring.

What Makes a Great Meta Description?

To put these tips into practice, all you need to do is make sure your meta description does the following: it’s keyword rich and has a benefit for users that align with your prospects. 

Consider the following:

Think of Your Customer

The goal of every title is to entice someone to click on it. Think about what might compel readers and use that information to develop a title. Consider what you are offering to your consumers, and then ask yourself why they should buy from you.

How do you promote your product? The answer is simple: with quality content. However, to get someone to choose you over your competitor, your meta descriptions must be convincing and informative.

It’s critical to have an attractive and compelling meta description on a site page or other content. When you’re unable to do that, the competition will be able to rank higher during the search. You need to specifically focus on what makes your company, product, or service different.

Make it One of a Kind

Let your business’s potential customers know how you can help them in your meta description. Let them know that you’re different from other similar businesses and let them know more about this difference. Be clear about what you offer and how any of your features will benefit the reader to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for on your website. When coming up with a good meta description, consider brevity and clarity.

The goal of your meta description is to persuade people who are browsing the web to click on your site. Linking it back to features or benefits that they may not have even known exist may be productive. It is an excellent opportunity to show off your brand and promote it. Although there are character limit constraints, you can still use meta descriptions as opportunities for self-promotion by simply including a line or two in your comment about how hard you work or what an important person you are.

Think of positive reviews you have and your frequently asked questions to figure out the things people are searching for when they land on your product or service. Revise your description according to your feedback and make sure it reflects what you are selling. Your first impression is essential when you are trying to make a sale. The meta description will give you a chance to compete for higher rankings on Google. Ensure that all pages have a good description, or your credibility will suffer.

Use Keywords

It’s crucial to find a way to include your target keyword in your content for search engines to rank your page. Make sure to write something readable. You can have keywords in a meta description, but don’t make it so spammy that it looks like you’re stuffing them in for the sake of doing so.

Include a Call to Action

Did you know that we have something new? You should find out more! Think of the meta description as a sales pitch to a potential customer visiting your site and consuming your content. Use enticing phrases like:

  • Try for free
  • Get it now
  • Learn more

Ensure it is Relevant

Many people use the meta description on their page as bait to convince potential customers to click through. However, you risk getting penalized by Google and fewer people seeing your site. But descriptions are crucial for determining your company’s credibility. If you are too ‘salesy’ and inaccurate, it has the potential to discourage visitors from coming to your website and cause them to leave in just a few seconds.

Keep Length in Mind

Google truncates text to 155 characters, so it’s best to stay within that limit while writing your meta description. It’s a good idea to place key phrases at the start of your description and include a quick introduction about your business or the page content.

Why is it Important to Create an Effective Meta Description? 

The meta description is an integral part of a webpage’s content. It is the short yet powerful snippet that appears on a search engine result page below the page’s title. 

Webmasters and SEO professionals often overlook meta descriptions for a page. However, they can affect how high your content ranks in SERPs. Make sure you write your meta descriptions for humans, not search engine bots. The description should make use of specific keywords and pertain to the page someone is about to see. This will help to rank your site higher in the SERPs.

Our content marketing team at okwrite will take your site’s SEO strategy into account when creating content for your website. They’ll go the extra mile to provide meta descriptions, tags, and other elements that allow you to rank higher in SERPs.

Your meta description is the first thing your potential customers see on search engine result pages. It’s important to create a compelling, SEO-friendly meta description that will entice them to click through and explore your site. 

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