okwrite Content Marketing for Social Engagement

Engage more and better-targeted audiences on social channels with excellent content

Build trust, top-of-mind, and authority while you separate yourself from the ‘content-spam’ pack.

Creating content for social engagement is more than increasing your followers. Businesses also strategize for social engagement as a way to boost ROI. Moreover, in today’s inundated society, it is important to actually connect with your consumers, your followers, and allow others to recognize that you are in this business for more than just the money.

Developing a content marketing strategy for social engagement will first want to address what it is that consumers are thinking about your brand. You’ll also want to be mindful in followers’ interest outside of your brand and what you’re selling.

When establishing a content marketing strategy tailored for social media engagement, you’ll want to first define the goals of your marketing strategy, then identify your audience, then begin content creation that speaks to that audience, and finally distribute your content on the relevant social platforms.

This type of content marketing relies on access to and familiarity with social media. Your company should feel comfortable with a marketing campaign on social media. You should also be prepared to identify the target audience and target topics using analytics.


The okwrite content process:


okwrite will measure your levels of social media engagement, identify the goals of your social media campaigns and create content specifically geared to meeting those goals.

Our clients have 2 goals:

1. Grow Social Metrics
Increase follower counts, shares, reach, and reactions by posting the right content, at the right time.

This means:

  • Ensuring each blog post has the most share/click-worthy titles
  • Creating engaging shareable content like listicles and infographics, video, and audio
2. Brand awareness

  • Increase brand awareness and recognition through:
  • Great informative onsite content
  • Educational and informative content
  • Data-driven content and posting schedule
  • Engaging content that speaks to your target audience on each specific platform

Promote and Distribute

okwrite content marketing strategy for social engagement means that we are finding a way to actively distribute your content across your social profiles so it is seen by as many people as possible. This means that your content needs to be diverse but able to address specific concerns within a target domain.

Developing and mastering this distribution strategy will set up your posts to be shared more widely and more frequently.


Social media platforms can track and analyze your content to see how your audience is responding to the content in real-time. When we are developing your social media content marketing strategy, then we want to identify how your content interacts with users, viral content, and marketing efforts relative to the social media channel used.

With these data points in hand, you can fine-tune and adjust your strategy to maximize your results.

  • Track reach, impressions and user engagements to measure brand awareness
  • Track reactions, comments, clicks, and shares to measure social engagement
  • Track conversions and referrals to measure ROI


By supplying your social media channels with regular, consistent and interactive content, you will see an organic increase in audience engagement.

Blog posts need to be relevant content for your brand, that is socially aware and appropriate for the social channel it is being chared on. Other aspects will help for your content to have a wider reach, including:

  • Proper titles and meta descriptions
  • Longer articles
  • Clear articles with more lists

All our content strategies are designed around inbound marketing strategies but they can supplement outbound or hybrid marketing strategies as well. So, we can supplement an already existing content strategy to account for social media engagement, or we can provide a marketing campaign that is social-centric. The choice is yours. Start measuring and improving your social engagement with a content marketing strategy fit for you.