Content Marketing for Search and Answer Optimization

Is Great Content Great, If No One Can Find It?
okwrite produces powerful, educational, data-driven content that will move your company forward.

However, excellent content is almost useless if no one can ever find it.

With this in mind, okwrite has partnered with global leaders in Technical SEO services to deliver more discoverable content.

We provide the content, and our partners make sure your entire website is best optimized and positioned for the SERPs


Okwrite Partner SEO Optimization

SEO services address:
  • Incorrect indexing
  • Mobile & performance
  • Page load speed
  • URL structuring
  • Internal & external duplicate content
  • Correct schema markup & open graph data
  • Backlinks, citations, and disavows
  • Keywords & keyphrases
  • Schema, re-directs, 404 errors
  • Consistent NAP
  • Map pack results

Why SEO?

There is a common misconception that all content is naturally optimized for search engine results.

But this is not true.

Content needs to be optimized based on a ranking topic and its identifiable keywords. While okwrite is not a company designed to do SEO, we partner with leading SEO companies to ensure that the content we provide hits all the necessary ranking factors.

Since Google’s search algorithm has over 200 factors to consider when ranking pages, then an SEO strategy needs to account for the most important factors to rank high on search queries.

And, every quarter, the algorithm updates. This means that your search ranking can rise or fall unexpectedly. So, your company needs to stay on top of the ranking factors and adjust blog posts or web content as needed.

SEO in written content can account for things like link building, meta descriptions (in headers), and long-tail keywords. Your company will also need to address things like your semantic HTML, title tag, the relevant infographics factors, and data structure.


Looking ahead: AEO

A relatively nascent topic in the SEO world is AEO or Answer Engine Optimisation. Answer Engine Optimization is not about reinventing the marketing wheel. In fact, many marketers and SEO experts have been doing AEO for a while. 

AEO refers to optimizing content to answer people’s questions. Search engine algorithms regularly re-assess page ranking factors to deliver the best content in their search queries, and AEO allows these search engines to pick the best one and feature it. 

You are interacting with AEO without even knowing it. Featured snippets, for example, are targetted snippets that pop up when someone asks a popular question in a search engine like Google. This can be like what is the time right now, or what is the currency exchange of CAD to EUR. The snippet prioritizes a given answer so that there is no additional clicking involved (also referred to as zero-click searches). 

AEO rose with the advent of mobile device use and voice search. The use of a featured snippet of knowledge makes intuitive sense. 

With limited screen and functionality available on mobile devices, snippets made searching on the phone even easier. The answer to a question pops up instantly. The same goes for voice search. When you ask Siri or Alexa a question, you don’t expect a list of results. AI has to choose one.

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