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Level Up Your Marketing Campaign


As announced recently in a press release, okwrite Technologies Inc. has been acquired by Kingston, Ontario, entrepreneur Rick Frasso. This announcement is significant for the company, which was ranked by Clutch as one of the top content marketing companies in Canada in 2021 and one of the top 20 worldwide. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that, along with our new ownership, okwrite has rebranded to better align with our mission for the future.

With the acquisition, Frasso brings his decades of successful business experience to okwrite. He has a long track record running Response IT and Website Design Kingston. Dr. Camille Croteau, Ph.D., Western University alumna, has stepped up to help lead operations at okwrite. With over five years of editing, marketing, and writing experience and a connection with industry networks like Editors Canada and ACES, she will bring considerable skills to her position.

In addition to Croteau’s new role, we are pleased to announce that Queen’s University graduates Erin Foley and Amy White have assumed the roles of Editor in Chief and Head of Growth, respectively.

okwrite Services

We at okwrite focus on helping organizations grow by providing written content and marketing strategies. We specialize in blogs, web copy, digital marketing, and newsletters. 

Managed Services

Our exclusive Content Marketing Managed Services™ is an easy way to start and maintain a blog with support to help you plan, track progress, and design your marketing strategy moving forward.

Pay per blog

Whether you are in need of one article or something more consistent, okwrite has experts who can provide quality blog services at any time. Our pay-per-blog service is simple and effective. You pay only when you need it, and we deliver great content.

The best part? Our pay-per-blog service gives you access to a team of strategists, writers, and editors committed to delivering first-rate blog services. You’ll also benefit from maintaining complete control over your content strategy. Your website traffic and profits are sure to increase with us by your side.

Email Marketing

You need new customers and regular clients to keep your business alive, but you can’t afford to spend hours or resources on unproven marketing strategies. Email marketing is a proven and cost-efficient form of marketing for small businesses. Email marketing gives an average ROI of almost $40 for every dollar spent. 

Email marketing is an effective solution no matter your goal- whether it’s generating leads, educating potential clients, or bringing in revenue. This service gives you the power to reach potential customers by delivering marketing messages directly to their inboxes.

SEO, Video, Infographics, and Design

Written content is an excellent way to optimize your site by incorporating keywords and other SEO tactics, which helps you rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs). In addition to written content, we understand how important visuals are to making an impact with your content. Adding media through video, design, and infographics can help make it more visually appealing, giving the content added value.

okwrite offers SEO, video, infographic, and design services to boost your content marketing success.

Google always pays attention to how long people stay on your page and analyzes viewer behavior while they are there. So, if a visitor clicks out of your page after just 10 seconds, Google thinks the content you’re providing needs to be better or doesn’t match the search queries they used. This means your website will appear lower in the SERPs. 

However, a video embedded in the middle of your blog post yields more attention than just plain text. Your video content will stop the scroll and catch the eye of your audience.

Incorporating videos and infographics in your content marketing strategy will draw in new customers, provide them with the information they need, and keep them on your page longer.

Consumers are constantly on the move and accessing content through different devices – that’s why video has become so popular. Video marketing is becoming more and more critical for successful brands. Using video allows you to build a much stronger connection with your customers in a way that’s not possible with any other medium. 

One of the best ways to tap into customers’ emotions and draw them in is by creating cohesive designs that correspond with your brand. By doing this, you can tell a more cohesive brand story across many marketing channels, giving you a distinct edge over competitors who neglect design.

Using your blog to create shorter videos or in-depth series and preview snippets of videos on social media will hook your audience. You can also improve the SEO of your content and implement video ads, infographics, and design elements to take your audience on a journey they’ll remember. Doing all of this also means your audience will remember your brand.

Providing your brand with an appealing visual that conveys all the necessary information has never been easier. okwrite can create simple infographics, which are great to share on social media, and help you invest in a dedicated business YouTube channel to cover more ground. This will also increase your SEO and marketing efforts, allowing you to improve the ROI of your content marketing solutions.

Why The Acquisition Was a Long Time Coming

Our goal has always been to offer the best customer service and content, which is why Rick Frasso was interested in acquiring okwrite for some time before it became official. 

Under this new leadership, you can be confident that our experienced, skilled team of strategists, writers, and editors will provide you with top-quality content that meets your goals and your desired timelines. You can expect responsive and devoted support. Every time. 

Simply put, we’ve taken all the parts of okwrite before the acquisition and made them even stronger!

First Steps Under New Ownership

New ownership at okwrite means we have to adjust some processes, but the quality of our product remains the same. We pledge to establish a connection with each and every client—whether we meet weekly to discuss your strategy or if you need us for a blog from time to time— you are our priority.

Follow Through

We want to show you that we’re credible and committed to you and your business needs. We will provide you with an available, helpful, and committed point of contact when you secure our services.

This means following through on all of the services we offer, which include:

  • Case studies
  • Press releases
  • eBooks
  • Landing pages
  • App writing
  • Product descriptions
  • FAQ writing
  • Content editing
  • And some more…

New Goals for New Leadership

Our vision statements

In 5 years, we want okwrite to be known for (and actually delivering) high-quality content that addresses the needs of businesses everywhere.

This vision is very much one that we enact every single day when we sit down and analyze a new client request, address changes in strategy review, or review feedback from an unhappy client. We have always known that our content is high quality but the vision is that the content always passes the test, at least to a reasonable degree of error, and that brands continue to come to us because they know that they are getting the highest quality content out there.

okwrite looks to expand to offer a myriad of product types (like op-ed pieces, thought leadership strategies, and more) that our clients are confident in.

And any well-reasoning individual knows that you can’t just say that you can do this. You have to have the infrastructure in place in order to do it effectively.

We believe in hiring high-quality content writers, paying what they are worth, and paying living wages.

To us, making a statement like this is semi-radical. The content writing and online writing industry is a mess, and we believe our success has come from continuing to swim against the current in regard to how we hire and train our writers.

Fixing Organizational Health

Here at okwrite, we share a vision for our company. Our goals, values, and strategy tell you what we want to achieve and how we want to do it. From the CEO to our writers, professional growth is encouraged and promoted. You can be sure that the writer and marketer dedicated to your business are working in a supportive, creative-thinking, flexible environment where idea-sharing and growth are celebrated.

Importance of Content Marketing in the Digital Era

The digital era has brought content marketing to the forefront, meaning SMBs can no longer afford to ignore it. When marketing your business, content marketing is a great tool. It is affordable and builds a long-term plan and style, making your content evergreen with continued results. 

Content marketing is one of the best ways to attract new customers. It’s effective in building awareness and converting prospects into paying customers. Building a presence on the web is hard for small businesses as large companies with equally large budgets often dominate the space. But there’s still a chance. Content marketing is a way to carve out your own space among the big players. Let us help you get started!

Small Business Content Marketing Tips

Content is becoming increasingly harder to produce due to the explosion of low-quality, generic content and decreasing attention spans. Many small businesses will find it hard to get engagement, requiring strong digital marketing strategies to establish their brand identity. 

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing, along with SEO and social media. It enables you to establish a storytelling strategy, attract an audience, and engage with customers in interesting, new ways.

A great product or service is often not enough to create sales in this digital world. It comes down to how well you can engage your audience and whether or not the strategies you use align with your brand.

Getting Started With okwrite

Choosing the right marketing agency for your business is crucial to success, but taking time with this critical decision is essential. Finding a marketing company that is a good fit for your level of exposure can be challenging. There are many out there, but it pays to find one who sees your vision and has high standards.

okwrite is a specialist digital marketing agency that provides high-quality content marketing services. Our content team can craft unique copy solutions to suit your specific and unique needs.

With our new leadership at the helm, our team can help your business succeed with its content marketing efforts through our Content Marketing services. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.



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