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Level Up Your Marketing Campaign

Level Up Your Marketing Campaign

If you’re like many businesses, you know that having a content marketing strategy and blogging can be a powerful boost in online presence and ROI. There are many ways that you can go about this. A business can write their own blogs, hire someone in-house, hire an out-sourced team, or hire freelancers to help with the creation of blog content. 

Deciding which process would work best for your business will depend on a number of factors, including your budget, how much control you want to have over the content strategy, and how much involvement you want in the process. 

To help you with making this decision, we’ve outlined two common ways to source content writers for blogging purposes: through the okgrow platform and through the Upwork platform. 

Upwork Services

Upwork considers itself an on-demand talent platform, allowing registered users the ability to connect with freelancers globally for a variety of services. Services can be filtered, but they range from copywriting to videography, translation services, and even graphic design. 

Getting content writing through Upwork is a simple process, but it can be a lot of work on the effort of the brand. A business would make an account on Upwork and then post their project. In the project, details include descriptions of the project, the estimated cost, timelines, and so on. Interested freelancers can propose their services for the project. The project manager (or the business) would then go through the differing proposals, start an ‘interview’, negotiate contracts, and then go with the freelancer that they deem would be the best fit. 

Upwork allows businesses the right to choose their conditions, project guidelines, and so on. This gives brands a lot of flexibility when it comes to hiring a content writer. 

Unfortunately, this process does not guarantee quality. Upwork does not regulate the freelancers other than providing ID verification, so brands could be getting any range of freelance talent, and it is up to them to decipher which contractor is the best fit for the project. 

Advantages to Using Upwork

Upwork opens freelancing and content writing to a wider audience. Brands can connect with freelancers that they might never have connected with before, allowing interesting business relationships and opportunities. 

Brands have full control over the project and can develop a relationship with the freelancer and work with the same one if they like. 

okwrite Services

okwrite is a subscription-based service that allows brands to log in to the okwrite platform and submit a request for a given blog. These requests can be on an as-needed basis. The users describe the project for the team, including relevant points like linking opportunities and SEO keywords, and the project is given a dedicated content writer, content editor, strategy manager, and customer success manager. 

Submitting a request through the okwrite platform is designed to simplify the blog request process. This option is cheaper and on an as-needed basis, but it also eliminates a lot of the heavy lifting on the part of the brand. Brands don’t need to go through freelancer proposals in order to choose a freelancer that would best fit their goals. Instead, the okwrite team handpicks an expert writer from their team of staff and contract writers, and the strategy manager ensures all written content is aligned to the brand’s stated goals. If they want, brands get the same writer, editor, and strategy manager every time they order. 

okwrite offers a middle ground between finding a freelance writer and hiring a full-stack writing team. Instead, a brand that has a content strategy can simply make a request and expect the content back a week later. 

Advantages to okwrite

okwrite simplifies the blog writing process by outsourcing it to a team of known, dedicated writers, editors, and content strategists. The brand does not need to pay for full-stack nor do they have to go through the effort of sorting through freelance proposals. 

okwrite is the ideal solution for brands that have an already developed content strategy or brands that want to partner with a blog writing service. 

Upwork vs okwrite

When comparing Upwork and okwrite it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Upwork operates as a freelancer platform, and the freelancers can have a range of skillsets, experience, and quality levels. When working on Upwork, the brand is in charge of hiring and project managing, and Upwork only steps in when there is a dispute. Twenty percent of all sales, up to $1,000, is taken by Upwork, and the percentage decreases to 5% once you pass a certain threshold. 

Comparatively, okwrite is based on a fixed monthly subscription and then you only pay for the blogs you want. There is no need to go through and hire your own writer; instead, the okwrite team will make that decision for you. Since the okwrite team consists of experienced writers and writers with university degrees in the relevant field, they are making an informed choice on which writer is the best fit for your business. 

If you are looking to simplify the blog writing process, then okwrite is the best fit for that. If you want to be more involved in choosing your writer, you might do well on a platform like Upwork. 


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