Writing blog posts can sometimes feel like you are screaming into the void. Often, content marketing means writing blog articles to drive as much traffic to your site as possible. 

Blogs can ensure that the broadest number of people read the writing and eventually buy the products or services. However, the problem is that this often leads to creating a lot of duplicate content that gets lost in the mix, meaning no one will be interested in it and it will get lost in a sea of similar content. 

Writing a blog topic with high-quality content is not as easy as it may seem. It can take a lot of time and effort. You have to set clear goals and make sure that you actually finish what you start.

Writing a good blog post takes time and effort – you have to invest in getting good results.

An increasing number of companies realize the importance of blog content. You will rank more highly in Google over time if you can create high-quality blog posts with researched and editorialized content writing.

What does it take to create quality content for a blog? We lay it out for you below.

What Makes for Good Quality Content

Know Your Target Audience

This is the number one key to writing any content.

Who is your audience? What do they want to read?

It’s important to know what your audience wants to read, not what you think they want to read. It’s essential to define your buyer personas and understand what they care about so that you can tailor any content writing for them accordingly.

This type of interaction is a great way to make a connection and engage with a potential client or customer.

Readers of blogs are often looking beyond social media content and are searching for long-form content that pertains to a particular query, trouble, or niche. A good post should communicate well with the blog’s target audience while avoiding any unnecessary material that might distract people from the message.

Many companies release blogs that update with humanitarian and community action campaigns or share personnel changes. Unfortunately, it would be best if you remembered that not everyone cares, so posting this content on social media or through email newsletters might be a better idea.

Instead, your blog content should consider what your audience is interested in and how your business can improve their lives.

Figure Out Your Why

When creating good-quality blog content, you need to figure out why you are writing it.

It’s beneficial to understand the objective of your blog post because this will allow you to create a manageable list of tasks. As easy as it is to get writer’s block, sometimes you can have too many ideas when writing a post. It is essential to know the conclusion before designing the plan. Otherwise, you might end up with a less effective content strategy that spiraled out of control.

First, determine the purpose of the blog. You want to become the go-to person in your space–who can answer any questions with confidence and authority.

After learning the blog’s identity and purpose, each post will have a more specific role. So, are you looking for something to help engage readers? Or, perhaps you want to grow your subscriber base? There are various types of articles that can generate different interactions from readers.

You intend to draw traffic to your site, have clients enter your sales funnel, begin the buyer journey, and eventually become paying customers. To become the leading site you need to provide content that is valuable to the reader but also has high SEO value. The more authority you appear to have in your field, the more weight your website’s content will carry.

Be Brief

The optimal word count for a blog post is usually between 400 and 1200 words. This range covers a wide variety of topics. Keep your posts as concise as possible and include all the necessary info. 

Keep in mind that a search result for your business, product, or service might not materialize if you are not present on the search engine results pages. It is crucial to include keywords to ensure your site is visible.

Offer Useful Information

People may read a particular blog to find inspiration, share questions and ideas, reach out to other readers, or learn something new. It’s a great way to resolve problems or find new information that can potentially benefit the life or business of the reader. 

A lot of posts can change readers. They can make them think differently or learn something new. One of the most important things to remember when posting on your blog is to make sure you’re writing about something that will be interesting for you and other readers.

Research the Subject

The web acts as a knowledge repository, similar to academic research papers. This is what Larry Page found when he was studying at Stanford.

Who was Larry Page? Why is this important?

Google founder Larry Page’s original algorithm noted that, in academia, the more a researcher’s work is cited by their colleagues, the more respected they are. Google’s algorithm applied this to webpages; if they’re linked to more often than other pages of similar content, you can assume that these links mean they must be more authoritative and trustworthy.

Google search has come full circle by coming back to referencing credible sources from reliable publications. You shouldn’t even consider an article as high quality if it isn’t written using a journalistic approach to research.

What does that mean for blog content?

Your blog should be well researched, and citations should support your claims. It would be a good idea to have a lot of statistics, data, and reliable research in your article. Facts are better for providing accurate information.

You can provide statistics about your niche or business, but ensure that all information comes from reliable sites.

Be Unique

A quick Google search should show you that many topics don’t have unique content, and there is a minimal amount of variation on any given subject.

If you want to create unique and high-quality articles, you need to be innovative, stay current with your field and take an original approach to ideas. This does not mean you have to be completely original, but you will need to provide a unique take on the subject or your take on solving the pain problem for your potential customers.

Even though everything has been done before, it is always possible to find your unique approach to a subject.

Answer Your Audience’s Questions

The web has grown massively to become an incredible information resource. It’s like a library full of knowledge in your home or phone. It’s easy to search for anything and get detailed answers quickly.

Content marketing is a way to answer questions, offer solutions, and help people.

It’s crucial to maintain your brand image and draw customers by using the right keywords found through keyword research. The more exposure your content gets, the more likely it is that people will buy what you offer in the future. The more they read your content and see articles with your company name linking to them, the more familiar they are with what you’re offering.

Blog post content should include storytelling and offer helpful information to your target audience—specifically answering their questions.

Has your blog been providing valuable content lately, or just straightforward facts anybody could find on Google? Is the content up to date? To ensure all of this is true, you may want or need to make some changes.

Quality content needs to answer specific questions. For quality content creation, a writer should know the audience they’re looking to reach. It should come across as valuable or engaging content.

Make Sure to Hire an Editor

The best blogs are only as good as their editor. While you may have a high-quality blog that is packed with the right information, poor grammar will turn readers away. Even if you hire a writer, be sure to also hire an editor to proof read and fact check the work. You may be surprised to learn that not all writers can properly edit their own content!

When in doubt, know that you can rely on a team like us here at okwrite, who hire skilled writers, content strategists, and content editors to make sure your content is ready to go by the time you see it.

Final Thoughts

Blog post writing can be tricky since you want to optimize your content for search engines and actual people.

Content is your most important marketing tool. A successful blog will help you build your brand, become a thought leader, and increase conversions. This is why okwrite provides the knowledge to make your blog post-publish-ready. Follow the steps and tips we reviewed above, and soon you’ll have a great blog post for your audience.

At okwrite, we have a good handle on digital marketing and pride ourselves on producing high-quality blogs. We’re here for you to help with your content quality-related questions and more.

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