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Level Up Your Marketing Campaign

If you’re considering working with the okwrite team or have recently started, you may be wondering what the deal is with our word counts. 

This is totally understandable – in the content marketing industry, word counts vary from agency to freelancer, and some may even charge per word. 

With our two main services– okgrow and okwrite managed services – we decided that enough is enough. We don’t want to pinch pennies either, so we always write the amount that makes the most sense for the project. Here’s the breakdown:

How do okwrite’s word counts work?

okwrite managed services

okwrite managed services is our content production solution for companies that want a full suite of content marketing services, including content strategy, regular meetings, blog writing and editing (of course), and potential content distribution and social media posting. 

For all managed services clients, each project will be different. But once we meet with your team and better understand your goals, we can align on the goals for the blog, strategy, and finally determine a range for word count. 

Most of our clients request the industry average for word counts. Unfortunately, this can number can also range. The okwrite word counts range from 1,100 words up to 2,500. We also provide long-form blogs with lengths of 3,000 and 4,000 words

However, what’s important here is establishing the goals of the content. If you have a blog that addresses a simple question, then it won’t make sense to provide a 3,000-word guide. Sometimes, shorter blogs are more effective – they keep readers on the page and often they happily address reader concerns. 

So, our word count advice is: whatever the blog needs. Sometimes the blog needs to go over competitor blogs to beat out competitor SEO rankings. Our AI tool will give us this insight. And sometimes blogs need to be shorter, especially when they need to be concise, scientific, or straightforward.


okgrow is our pay-per-blog service where clients can order blogs as they need them. This is usually the case for companies that already have their strategy established. Here we establish word count ranges for simplicity. You choose the range, then our writers write within the range. 

If it comes out over or under, let us know. However, word counts should be established based on your goals. If you’re looking for a higher word count, ask yourself why? If you want to take advantage of a limited budget with more keywords, remember that we can only target one primary keyword per blog. In some cases, it might be smarter to pay for multiple smaller blogs to target a broader range of keywords, both long-tail keywords.

Get Started With okwrite

Our number one goal is to always provide the highest quality blogs. And we do. 

With high-quality blogs, strategic SEO keywords, and AI tools, you get high-quality content marketing with okwrite 100% of the time. 
Ready to get started? Reach out to the okwrite sales team today!


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