Content Optimization

The best content in the world won’t help you if people never see it.

Content optimization is the process of taking existing web page content and fine-tuning it to make it more attractive, readable, useful, and actionable to users and search engines.

Our content optimization service will optimize your content based on certain levels of search engine optimization, findability, and readability.

As part of the full okwrite content marketing strategy, our content optimization services will ensure that the right people will easily find your content and once they do, they will find the information they were seeking.

To increase your traffic, boost your conversions, generate warmer and more numerous leads (whatever your goals), optimizing existing content constitutes a significant and substantial step towards expanding your target audience.

To increase your traffic, boost your conversions, generate warmer and more numerous leads (whatever your goals), optimizing existing content will constitute an ample and important step towards expanding your target audience.

By optimizing content through okwrite, you are saving money on having to generate new content. Not only do we work with strong writers, but, if you sign on with this service, the content is processed through our trusted content optimization software. 

With content optimization you are giving your content new life, increasing the chances of your content being pulled by a search query, and sealing in a higher conversion rate.

okwrite Content Optimization Is:

Increase traffic and sales opportunities without investing in new content.
Investigate, uncover, and exploit opportunities you may be missing.
Review current content and realign it so it meets correct SEO levels and your business goals.

What Do We Optimize For?

Okwrite is a content management service, and all our services focus on on-page optimization. This means that we can manage the ins and outs of good content, and we can also direct you so you know what good content looks like.

Therefore, when we optimize we optimize for a few things:


Optimizing for keyword use has long been an SEO favorite. However, based on search engine algorithms, optimizing for keywords was often like keyword stuffing. Putting in 10 “social media” references might get you high on the SERPs, but it won’t necessarily sell your brand in the way that it needs.

We optimize for target keywords, which allows us to hone in on what content is customizable for your brand. To do this, we analyze the keywords associated with the content of your topic, and with similar and competitor topics within your market. We never over-stuff keywords and we always assess the status of long-tail keywords associated with your topic.


Our content is also optimized based on the current featured snippet and voice search optimization. While we do not yet specialize in AEO, we keep an eye on the market and future of AEO and incorporate that in our writing if it makes sense.

Organic traffic

Organic searches are those that come through search engines through organic search queries. We, therefore, will never try to solicit outbound marketing. Our optimized content is written for the people who want to read it, and it accounts for the search engines. Search optimization accounts for long-tail keywords, content topics, competitor topics, and topic distribution.

Your audience

This is a no-brainer. We want to know who will interact with your brand and why. We don’t want to write to people as if they are stupid – because we know your audience is not. We want to inform, support, and educate. All our optimized content will take into account your target audience, their search queries, and what kind of high-quality content they are looking for.

okwrite Content Optimization

Learn more about how okwrite can optimize your existing content to generate more organic traffic, at half the cost of creating new content.