okwrite Content Marketing Managed Services

Expert, Authoritative, Trustworthy, Data-Driven Content
Leverage the okwrite talent, experience, knowledge, and expertise to plan, execute and monitor your content marketing strategy. okwrite provides written, quarterly content planning and delivers educational, powerful, trustworthy blog posts weekly. okwrite content starts and ends with your business goal’s in mind.
  • An overall content marketing strategy
  • Marketing and customer research
  • Multi-Channel content delivery
  • Keywords and topic generation
  • Excellent, powerful, data-driven content
  • Analytics and Reporting

Meet Your New Content Team

“Be open about what you’re looking to accomplish, and they’ll work with you. okwrite is really flexible and intent on solving the problem that you put in front of them. “

Cost Effective

On average, okwrite saves brands over 70% on total content marketing costs.

The average okwrite content team consists of:

  • 2 writers (avg US Salary $54,895/yr),
  • 1 content editor (avg US Salary $48,821/yr),
  • and 1 content strategist (avg US Salary $74,455/yr)
Salary data via glassdoor.com

What Is Content Marketing Managed Services?


Our marketing strategy process begins with identifying and building your customer avatar. We then identify the questions your customers are asking that are related to your brand or service offering and answer those questions with expert-level information.


Identify and analyse competitors and market gaps.  okwrite uses a varity of partner software tools to identify, using data, where, how, and why your competitors may have the leg up.


Plan out long term business goals and quarterly content roadmap. Bring together data, comon sense, and experince, okwrite content stratagist start creating roadmaps for content success.


okwrite content is educational, authoritative, trustworthy, and data-driven. Weekly content delivered to your blog, written and edited by some of the top talent in Canada and the US.


It doesnt matter how good your content is if no one sees it. Using a string of analytical tools, okwrite examines your data to create more powerful content recommendations. 


Sit back and watch the traffic and business role in. We now deeply understand your business, market, and customer. New content is delivered each week.

Ready To Take Your Content To The Next Level?