Content Creation

Create educational, authoritative, trustworthy, data-driven written content
Content Creation

Creating great written content requires more than just being an great writer. Exceptional content must start with a data-driven strategy and one that is designed to effectively promote your content.

Neglecting to account for solid written content in your content marketing strategy could risk losing the interest of your audience, confusing them or alienating them. It could also mean that your content is not reaching your audience at all. 

At okwrite, we provide small to medium businesses proportional content writing services. This means that we charge an affordable rate to either get your blog posts up and running or to optimize already written web copy or blog posts. We can also support businesses who are writing for social media so that their content is coherent across all media channels.

We produce a variety of writing styles so that you are happy with the tone and voice of the content. All our work is inherently engaging. 

It can also focus on a variety of marketing tactics (if you already have a content marketing strategy) depending on your needs. Focus on building brand awareness, developing thought leadership, or building leads. We can tailor your written content to do just that.So why should you choose okwrite for your content marketing needs?

okwrite content is educational, authoritative, trustworthy, and data-driven

High-quality written content, always

There are so many reasons why businesses need content. Maybe it’s to inform potential customers about your services. Or perhaps you are trying to establish who your target audience is. Either way, we will help you on that journey.

High-quality written content creation is what we do. Our content writing can provide you with cogent blog posts, a standalone blog posts series, or web copy. 

Furthermore, we use high powered tools as a baseline for making sure your content is search engine optimized. 

We can work within your marketing strategy so your content stands up in the SERPs.

Whatever your writing needs are, we are here to help.

Writing that is intuitive

As your written content company, we take time to research your niche, your competitors, your SERPs. We want our content to be read – because we love it, and we think it’s that good.

Each content writer here at okwrite will go the extra mile to fine-tune the nuances. And our content editors proofread and constructively edit to provide content that speaks to your brand and target audience, as well as adhering to basic grammatical, syntactical, and stylistic rules.

We can create all types of content because that’s what we love to do. Our writers will take the time to create content with depth, personality, and imagination.

This writing is accurate and informative, but easy-going. This is the kind of content that boosts click-through-rates and gets the shares on social media sites.

okwrite is apart from the rest

We strive to understand the unique and specific challenges your business faces each day, and we present that knowledge in the content we create.

Content marketers know that sometimes content can be repetitive and bland. This can be especially true when you see similar long-tail keywords and SEO tactics everywhere.

The Core of okwrite is the okwriter.

We take extraordinary care and have made a considerable commitment to selecting only the best and most experienced writers, content strategists, and editors.

We require each okwriter to be a native English speaker, with at least a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 2 years of full-time experience creating content. Additionally, we aim to find writers in a variety of niches, so that they can speak to the unique aspects of your company.

Moreover, our writers can adapt their writing tone and voice based on the specific buyer persona needs, the brand, target audience, or the marketing strategy.

A straight-forward process

We understand that navigating the world of freelance writers, content writers, and freelance-based agencies can be stressful. There are usually a lot of unknowns, and not many of the processes to handle incoming businesses have been thought out.

We have an easy-to-understand and simple process that ensures that businesses know exactly what services they are getting, as well as how it will be obtained.

With all our clients, we set up a discovery meeting so that you are comfortable with the content creation process. From here we can develop a tailored content creation strategy, or provide content for an already created strategy.

We are down-to-earth

It goes without saying that even though we are all operating our own businesses, we still want to stay connected. We want to connect with people who are like-minded. We want to know that other businesses out there care about the clients they serve and work towards the greater good.

This is why at okwrite, we go beyond just doing our jobs. This means that we won’t just work with you and collect the paycheque. We stay with you. Through the ups and downs, business growth or downsizing, we can support your written content creation journey.