okgrow vs. okwrite CMMS

Finding high-quality written content online is tricky. Most companies in the business of selling blogs or content will do so through sourced freelancers or contract writers. You might hire a 1,500-word blog at a rate of $0.024 to $0.06 per word, depending on the quality that you can afford, and the companies often take a cut from the writers. 

However, here at okwrite Technologies Inc., we price our high-quality content differently than most. To start, we don’t want you to have to pay based on word count. Instead, you pay for exactly what you need. Quality does not change depending on what you can afford, and our team works with each client on a more intimate level so that we can understand what this content will do. 

Naturally, we have found that our processes here at okwrite are better for us and for the client’s needs. Our writers and strategy team are better able to get in the mind of each client and give them something that perfectly matches their needs. And with our process, clients aren’t concerned over getting a new writer for each order or asking the writer to cut down on word count to save cost. 

We thought we’d do a product comparison of our two main services, okwrite and okgrow, so you can better understand how our services and processes differ. Both services have unique advantages and suit distinct business needs. 

Services Overview

okwrite offers two main service types: content marketing managed services (CMMS) and okgrow. A recent offshoot of the main company branch, okgrow focuses on provided blogs on an as-needed basis. 

While both branches of the company provide the same quality of blogs, the services vastly differ. For example, if you wanted one blog post right now and you already have your own content marketing strategy, then you would want to go with okgrow. With this service, you would get the blog post within 7 days and you can do with it what you want. 

If you are looking to scale your business growth over the course of a year and need a full content strategy to support this growth, then you would want to use okwrite’s CMMS. Through the CMMS suite, your brand works with a dedicated team for at minimum three months to develop a content marketing strategy, develop topic generation, and write usually 4 or 8 blog posts per month. 

Sometimes knowing the service that is right for your needs can be tricky. Know that you can always scale your services based on your company growth. And no matter which service you choose, we get to more about your company and its needs the more we work together.

okgrow Services

okgrow was designed to simplify the blog buying process for small businesses and startups. okgrow was inspired by how poorly content writing mills work. If you go to a content writing mill, you are forced to choose a very specific word count, and the amount you pay might be different from word to word. You then must add-on a slew of “amenities,” many of which come standard with our blogs. 

To submit a request with okgrow, it’s simple. All you need to do is submit a form through the okgrow.co website that answers all of the information that our team needs to know about the blog. You are coming up with the topic, interested SEO keywords or long-tail keywords, content tone, and any other content strategy that is needed. 

Blog length options are provided in only seven varieties (i.e., 600-1,000 words, 1,000-1,400 words, 1,400-1,800 words, 1,800-2,200 words, 2,200-2,600 words, 2,600-3,000 words, and 3,000-3,400 words). No need to calculate the pay per word differentials or pay for extra add-ons. All the content for okgrow is written SEO optimized, with links included, edited by a professional in-house editor, and approved for strategy.  

okgrow operates on monthly subscriptions for either a single site or a multi-site or agency. With each you get: 

Use Case for okgrow

okgrow makes sense for a customer who already has a strategic plan and wants to outsource the blog content. With okgrow, you submit a request for the article or articles every time you want something written. The client (you) provides all of the necessary information that the writer will need to write the article, and the okwrite team has minimal input. 

This is a very hands-off approach. The biggest difference between this and okwrite is the level of input in creating the content. You are in full control of this process and the writer has creative freedom based on your instructions. 

Don’t worry – all okgrow pieces are checked by an editor for technical editing and a strategic manager for strategic editing. 

Common use cases for okgrow are someone who already has a strategy in mind or in place, someone who knows what content they want to be produced but does not have the time to write the blogs, or someone who is looking for higher quality content without the hassle of dealing with either a writing mill or a full-on content marketing suite.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are clear advantages and disadvantages to choosing okgrow, but these will depend on your company goals and the market. 

Advantages include:

The only real disadvantages might occur if you need a more tailored package with a thought out SEO strategy but can’t afford the budget. In this case, then there is still the advantage of working with a single team, including the writers and editors, who become familiar with your work and can guide the blog to match certain basic SEO strategies.  

okwrite Services

With okwrite CMMS, or okwrite content marketing managed services, you get to work with a team of dedicated writers, editors, and content strategists who work for you to develop a fully-fleshed out content marketing strategy based on your unique goals. Blogs are as long as needed for the goals of the content; this does not mean that you will get super long blog posts every time, but you won’t get a blog post shorter than 800 words. 

With CMMS, there are services that come standard, such as everything that is included in the okgrow platform, but with a focus on monthly blog delivery. CMMS clients typically opt-in for content strategy developed by a dedicated strategy team which includes topic generation. Add-ons include SEO strategy (which is vastly different from SEO writing), posting to your website, and special requests like infographics, eBooks, and white papers.

Use Case for okwrite

okwrite CMMS is perfect for someone who wants an all-inclusive package where the SEO strategy, dedicated regular blog delivery, blog posting, and specialty written content. 

If you or your business needs a strong content marketing strategy but you cannot dedicate time to developing it, or you are not prepared to develop this strategy yourself, then the okwrite CMMS suite is perfect for you. With this suite, your content team will take care of the strategy, blog production schedule, and posting. You can carry out operational day-to-day tasks and know that blog content is being produced and delivered for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages

okwrite CMMS has some distinct advantages and disadvantages, but of course, these depend on your content marketing goal and the strategic market.

Advantages for okwrite CMMS include:

The disadvantage of choosing okwrite CMMS is that you might have to set aside time for meeting with your okwrite team. If you are busy, then this might pose a problem, but the team does have ways of working with your schedule. Other than that, there are no real disadvantages in choosing this great suite.

okgrow vs okwrite CMMS

okwrite Technologies Inc. provides two main service packages: okgrow and okwrite CMMS. With each package, our clients know that they are purchasing high-quality content at a reasonable price and they are being well-taken care of by a group of content writers, content production managers, and content editors. 

Deciding between the two services can be difficult, but know that no matter what you choose, you are still getting high-quality content. 

If you have a smaller budget, then the okgrow services make perfect sense for you. If you want the SEO and content marketing strategy taken care of, then you’ll want to speak with a sales rep to identify the right CMMS package for you. 

In either case, you’ll have the okwrite team on your side. See how okwrite can elevate your content marketing today! 

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